Telephone Set Equipment Prices

All new telephones are for the new OpenUC telephone system.

If your building has not been converted to the OpenUC system you will receive an equivilent telephone that is compatible with the existing system and then upgraded to the OpenUC system at no charge.

All telephones are black in color, High Definition Voice Calling, Headset Compatible, Caller ID capable, and voicemail is included if desired.

Equipment prices and models are subject to change without notice.

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Polycom IP335

Polycom IP335 Phone

Polycom IP335 is a Single Line VoIP set

$115.00 – Phone
$42.88 – Installation Labor

Polycom IP450

Polycom IP450 Phone

The Polycom IP450 is a Multiple Line VoIP Desktop set

$178.00 – Phone
$42.88 – Installation Labor

Polycom IP650

Polycom IP650 phone

The Polycom IP650 is a Multiple Line VoIP Admin set

$251.00 – Phone
$42.88 – Installation Labor