Athletics Branding


USE: “Colorado School of Mines” on first reference. Use “Mines” or “Orediggers” on subsequent references. Using “Mines” only is acceptable for clothing, uniforms, etc.

DO NOT USE: CSM, CSOM, School of Mines, Colorado Mines, Diggers


Colorado School of Mines Athletics uses four primary colors: navy blue (PMS 533), silver (PMS 877 Metallic), white, and Colorado red (PMS 173). Our primary colors are navy blue and silver. Clothing and uniforms may be navy blue, white or silver. Colorado red should be used as an accent color comprising no more than 10 percent of the total product.

Navy Blue

PMS 533
C95 M72 Y15 K62
R33 G49 B77
HEX #21314D


PMS 877 (Metallic)
C23 M17 Y13 K41
R139 G141 B142


C0 M0 Y0 K0
R255 G255 B255

Colorado Red

PMS 173
C0 M80 Y94 K0
R210 G73 B42
HEX #D2492A

Logos and Marks

Colorado School of Mines Athletics uses three main logos/marks: Blaster, the Block M and the Orediggers script. Blaster is reserved exclusively for the use of Mines Athletics and should be used first when possible. The Block M may also be used. These logos should never be modified (example: Blaster cannot be turned to face left). The trademark (TM) must always be with the mark.

Primary Logo: ‘Blaster’

Blaster can be used against white backgrounds, or against dark backgrounds with a white stroke and white TM mark.

Secondary Logo: ‘Block M’

The Block M can be used against light backgrounds. Do not use it against dark backgrounds.

Wordmark: ‘Orediggers’

Use the “Orediggers” script in PMS 533 against light backgrounds or in white against dark backgrounds.

Do Not Use

Do not use the “Tri Logo,” “Contemporary Triangle” or “Oval M” for athletics branding.