Branding and Graphic Standards

Having a consistent, identifiable look and feel to Mines assets is an important part of the Mines brand. A cohesive brand platform enhances our ability to:

  • Align our communications with our strategic direction
  • Increase the effectiveness of our communications
  • Augment our reputation in Colorado, nationally and internationally
  • Build stronger relationships with our stakeholders and partners


Color Palette

Color is an important part of our visual identity and specific colors are combined to create unique signatures for Colorado School of Mines. To maintain visual consistency, it’s important to reproduce our colors accurately.

The Colorado School of Mines graphic identity consists of three colors: dark blue, light blue and Colorado red. Blue has been a brand color of Mines for years. Colorado red is a vibrant accent color, reminding us of the red earth for which Colorado was named and the Colorado landscape that includes striking geographical settings such as nearby Red Rocks Amphitheater.

Colorado red should be used as an accent color comprising of no more than 10 percent of the total product.

Dark Blue (Primary)

PMS 533
C95 M72 Y15 K62
R33 G49 B77
HEX #21314D

Light Blue

PMS 535
C43 M26 Y3 K8
R146 G162 B189

Colorado Red (Accent)

PMS 173
C0 M80 Y94 K0
R210 G73 B42
HEX #D2492A

The codes you see refer to the different color matching codes you may run into.

  • PMS: Pantone Matching System
  • CMYK: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black. A print industry standard color matching system
  • RGB: Red, Green, Blue. References color for on-screen applications
  • HEX: Hexadecimal Code. A standard code of color for web development

Secondary Color Palette

A limited palette of colors has been created to coordinate with the Mines primary color palette. The secondary palette is intended for use as complementary support colors and for neutral background colors.


PMS 534
C95 M72 Y9 K38
R38 G63 B106
HEX #263F6A

Pale Blue

PMS 538
C14 M5 Y1 K3
R206 G213 B221

Cool Gray

Cool Gray 5
C15 M9 Y8 K22
R178 G180 B179


PMS 877
C23 M17 Y13 K41
R139 G141 B142



The university’s name and identifying marks are officially licensed and are therefore protected and regulated by several offices at Mines. For approval to use the various logos, review the contacts below:

  • Mines logo on products and apparel, request approval by Lisa Goberis, with Student Life Business Services
  • Mines logo in print or digital medium, request approval from Christina Vessa with Communications and Marketing
  • Blaster, the M and the Orediggers script logo, request approval by Tim Flynn with Athletics
  • If you have any questions, contact Christina Vessa


Everything that is produced at Mines must include the logo. Administrative and academic departments should use the logo that includes the contemporary triangle plus wordmark, without the tagline. The horizontal, 1-color version without the tagline is the preferred format; other versions can be used when there are space constraints.

Mines preferred logos

  • Use only one version of the logo per piece (with the exception of address blocks on pieces that are mailed).
  • Leave clear space around the logo that is equal the height of the wordmark when using the horizontal logo or half the height of MINES in the stacked version of the logo. For example, if the wordmark portion of the signature/logo is 1 inch tall, allow at least one half-inch of clear space around the entire signature/logo.
  • Be sure there is sufficient contrast between the logo and the background; all elements should be easily readable.
  • Use high-resolution files for print applications (EPS versions).
  • Constrain the proportions of the logo when increasing and decreasing the image size so the logo is not skewed or distorted.
  • Use transparent PNG files when placing the logo on a background in documents, spreadsheets and presentations.
  • Use 200 DPI graphics and photos in Outlook, Word, Excel and PPT to ensure print quality.
  • The triangle can be used on its own only in limited applications.

Download Logos

There are several approved Mines logos for use.

Mines wordmark horizontal light

Horizontal – Light Background

Download JPG, EPS, PNG files

Mines wordmark horizontal dark

Horizontal – Dark Background

Download JPG, EPS, PNG files

Mines stacked light

Stacked Logo – Light Background

Download JPG, EPS, PNG files

Mines stacked dark

Stacked Logo – Dark Background

Download JPG, EPS, PNG files

Email Signature Style

Font: Calibri, size 11
Logo size is 0.4”h, 2.2”w

Firstname Lastname (dark blue, #21314d)
Position Title

Unit Name (dark gray, #8b8d8e)
Address, Golden, CO 80401
303-XXX-XXXX |


Typography is both a verbal and a visual communication. People see an overall graphic pattern before they begin to read content, so designers should choose fonts to fit different communications according to their messages and designs.

Gotham is the primary recommended font for Mines publications. Gotham Book is suggested for body copy. The simplicity of the letterforms allows the font to be easily read in large amounts of small text. Although this font is simple and clean, it has some unique elements that keep it contemporary and original.

Campus communicators who frequently develop Mines materials — online or print — should purchase Gotham licenses from Hoefler & Frere-Jones at

Other appropriate, similar-looking fonts available with most word processing and presentation programs include: Arial, Calibri, Tahoma, Verdana, Century Gothic. The suggested font for letters, forms and spreadsheets is Calibri.

Other fonts that work well with the Mines brand are available through the Communications team. Please contact Christina Vessa ( for additional typefaces.

Editorial Style

The style guide is a joint effort between several communications and administrative offices at Colorado School of Mines. It is designed to establish uniform campus conventions for externally focused publications, correspondence and web content written for or about Colorado School of Mines.

Although this style guide conforms to Associated Press style in spirit, there are several instances where it deviates. These changes are made for a variety of reasons, with brevity, clarity and simplicity being the guiding principles. Use “Colorado School of Mines” on first reference. Use “Mines” on subsequent references. Do not use “CSM,” “CSOM,” “School of Mines,” “Colorado Mines,” “Diggers.”


Photography representing Colorado School of Mines should reflect the inspiring and innovative pursuits of our campus community and be illustrative of the Mines experience.

If external parties request to use Mines photos, please contact a member of the Communications team for proper permissions.


All products bearing the Mines’ trademark must be produced using a licensed vendor, even if the product is not for resale. Learfield Licensing Partners manages the Mines trademarks. 

To find an updated list of approved vendors, view the approved vendors list. If you would like to use a vendor that is not currently included on the approved list, that vendor may fill out an application and pay a one-time fee to Learfield to become licensed with them.