Episode 104: Leading the second quantum revolution

Many scientists and engineers are focused on a new wave of innovation in quantum science and technology, revolutionizing the field and generating a need for skilled quantum engineers across various industries. Meenakshi Singh, assistant professor of physics at Colorado School of Mines, explains why we’re seeing this quantum surge, what this evolving technology will enable us to do in the near future and how Mines is preparing the next generation to lead the world through the next quantum revolution.

Episode 103: Shaping a global energy future

With much of the world looking at eliminating carbon emissions from the global energy economy, Colorado School of Mines experts are a trusted voice in the conversation when determining what materials and technology will make that future possible—and effective. John Bradford, vice president for global initiatives at Mines, discusses the new Global Energy Future Initiative and the many changes and growth that will be required across many technologies, industries and more to ensure a thoughtful and efficient shift toward cleaner energy sources.

Episode 102: Space: The final frontier—in technology

The resources found in space are key to humanity’s exploration of life beyond Earth, and we’re just beginning to understand how to use them to advance technology in this next frontier. Angel Abbud-Madrid, director of the Center for Space Resources at Colorado School of Mines, shares the importance of discovering and utilizing resources in space, the challenges of working in environments vastly different from those we’re familiar with on Earth and what we should expect to see from space resources and space exploration in the near future.

Episode 101: Is petroleum engineering going away?

The need for oil and gas in the world’s energy portfolio and skilled petroleum engineers isn’t going anywhere, according to Jennifer Miskimins, petroleum engineering department head at Colorado School of Mines, who explains how oil and gas will still play an important role in our energy future for many years to come despite technological changes and a shifting energy focus. In fact, the skills petroleum engineers are learning today are still just as critical to meeting industry demands as they were 100 years ago.

Episode 0: Introducing The Conveyor from Colorado School of Mines 

Former Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer Stefanie Tompkins, now director of the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), talks about how Mines researchers are advancing knowledge for the betterment of society and industry in unique ways through multidisciplinary collaboration, close industry partnerships and more.