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What exactly is carbon capture? We asked John Bradford, geophysics professor and vice president for global initiatives at Colorado School of Mines to explain. 

John Bradford: 

Carbon capture is effectively preventing the carbon from getting into the atmosphere. So were emitting it, and were emitting it from all sorts of sources. Some of that might be a power plant thats burning gas or burning coal, could be a tailpipe emission. Theres also a lot of CO2 emission that comes from concrete production, so thats another point source of emission. Theres also CO2 emitted when you brew beer, for example. So there are a lot of different sources.  

So the carbon capture component is just capturing the CO2, preventing it from going into the atmosphere. And so theres a lot of technological development that has to happen for that to work. And we know how to do this now. There are technologies for doing it, ranging from specialized membranes that have special chemistry in them that capture the CO2 as the gas passes through the membrane. Of course, right, growing plants. Thats a good way of capturing carbon as well. And so theres a lot of research going on into bio capture of carbon. So there are different ways to do it.  

John Bradford: 

The utilization part is then using that carbon in some other way that might be useful for society. Theres certain processes for producing concrete that would use some of the carbon and then store it. There are processes for producing biofuels. So you can grow certain types of algae and convert the algaes into a different type of fuel. When you use that fuel, then, again, the CO2 is being emitted so you have to capture it again, but you make a closed loop in that way rather than a one way emission. But then we also know we have a lot of carbon thats just sitting out there in the atmosphere. We have too much in the atmosphere now so we need to pull that out of the atmosphere. So there are large systems for passing the atmosphere gas through these big membranes to capture the CO2. 

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