Drone Flight Request Form

Please Read This First.

If you are requesting a drone flight on campus, please submit this form at least two business days before you wish to fly. Your flight is not approved until you receive notice from the Office of Compliance and Policy.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drone) Policy

Before proceeding with this form, please read and acknowledge our Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drone) Policy.

Click here to read Mines Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drone) Policy.

Requester's Information

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Aircraft, Pilot and Insurance Information

Please use the following fields to provide us with the information needed to process your UAS flight request.
Please list the pilot's first and last name
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    Please upload a copy of your insurance: (Please use a PDF file format). The Certificate of Insurance must name the Board of Trustees of the Colorado School of Mines, for and on behalf of the Colorado School of Mines as an additional insured and must include a waiver of subrogation.
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      Flight Plan Information

      Mark all uses that apply to this flight:(Required)
      Note: Generally a request to fly must be submitted for each flight. In some circumstances an overall approval may be given covering a period of time. However, the requester will still need to submit a request to fly and receive approval for each individual date and flight.
      Tell us about your requested flight path below.
      (Please include the general area(s) where you want to fly. Also, include the direction(s) of flight, the perimeters or boundaries of the area(s), obstacles in the area and how you plan to avoid these.)
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      Important Information for All Requesting Parties

      After submission a representative from the Office of Compliance & Policy will follow up with you regarding any outstanding information or documents that may be required.

      By submitting this form, you are NOT automatically approved for your drone flight. Please wait until you have received an approval from the Office of Compliance & Policy before proceeding with your flight.

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