Bursar Office: Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a bursar anyway? 

A bursar is a university official in charge of student funds or someone involved in collecting payments related to a student tuition bill.

How can I view my student account?

Self-Service Student on Trailhead (http://trailhead.mines.edu) is a one-stop online center where you can access all your information and take care of much of your Mines business. Once you have access to Trailhead, you can:

  • Access your schedule
  • Change your address
  • Review your eBills
  • Review your financial aid records
  • Waive health insurance
  • View your grades
Can my parents inquire about my student account on my behalf?

Not directly. Under federal law, your student account is considered a “closed record,” which can only be discussed with you, the student. You can grant your parent access to your account information via your My Account Page.

To set up parent or third-party access to view your account balance:
  • Log into Trailhead. Select: Self Service, Student, Student Records, My Account Page
  • Select “Add New” next to Parent PINS
  • You will need to create a login name. This will be their user ID when accessing your Account Page via CASHNet (our system for securely processing payments).
  • Input an email address. Without an email address, you will be unable to complete access set-up
  • You can include a message with the welcome email that is automatically generated to them after you confirm set-up
  • Click OK
  • This will send an email automatically to the individual; you can edit this user’s access anytime by selecting “Edit” next to Parent PINS
  • Parents/Third Parties do not have access to Trailhead. Therefore, a link to access your account page will be included for them in the email.
  • ONLY the individuals YOU, the student, set up through Trailhead will be able to view your information; Mines cannot grant anyone access to your account, you must initiate this process.
What is the College Opportunity Trust Fund (COF)?

The Colorado Legislature created the College Opportunity Trust Fund (COF) in May 2004 and it provides a tuition stipend to eligible undergraduate students. The stipend may only be applied to eligible undergraduate courses. The stipend is paid on a credit hour basis to Colorado School of Mines and then is applied to the student account. The stipend amount is set annually by the Colorado General Assembly. Detailed COF information may be found at https://cof.college-assist.org

Who is eligible for the COF stipend?

Mines undergraduate students who are classified as resident students for tuition purposes are eligible to receive the COF stipend.

What steps must I take to receive the COF stipend?

First, you must apply for COF at https://cof.college-assist.org. Second, you must authorize Mines to use your COF funds on your behalf through Trailhead Self-Service Student. Only then will the COF stipend be credited to your student account.

How do I enroll/waive Mines health insurance?

All degree-seeking students are required to have health insurance while attending Mines. You will automatically be enrolled in the Student Health Benefit Plan (SHBP) unless you waive coverage. Coverage can only be waived online through Trailhead Self-Service Student with proof of existing health care coverage and must be done prior to the semester Census Date.

* Waiving coverage removes the Health Insurance Fee from your student bill. The Health Insurance Fee is not the same as the Health Services Charge, which cannot be waived.

When is my tuition due?

Tuition and fees are due on the first business day following the Census Date. There is a 5 business day grace period. Therefore, any payment not received by 4 pm MST on the last day of the grace period will be assessed a late fee. Any outstanding balance that is not covered by financial aid or a Payment Plan will be subject to late fees, assessed monthly, equal to 1.5% of the outstanding balance. Late payments may also result in account holds, which prevent future registration, the release of transcripts, and graduation.

Your account balance may be viewed through Trailhead Self-Service Student; if for any reason you do not receive your semester eBill, you are still responsible for timely payment of your tuition. Mines generates electronic invoices only. Students have access to the account balance at all times.

How do I pay my tuition by credit card?

Credit card payments may only be made online via Trailhead Self-Service Student (select: Student > Student Records >My Account Page > Make a Payment). We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. All credit card payments are subject to a convenience fee.

Can I use a payment plan to pay my tuition and fees?

Yes. Details and enrollment deadlines can be obtained via our website. You must enroll via Trailhead; a small enrollment fee will apply, as well as any applicable convenience fees for credit card use.

How do I pay tuition by cash, check, wire or IFT (International Funds Transfer)?

You can pay online via electronic check, free of charge. Access your My Account Page and select “Make a Payment”. Checks may also be mailed to the attention of STUDENT TUITION, Colorado School of Mines at Department 911914, Denver, CO 80291-1914. Always include your Campus Wide ID (CWID) on your check payment to ensure proper posting of your payment.

Please do not mail cash. Cash and check payments can be made at the Cashier Office M-F, 8-4. Information on wire transfers available upon request. Details on how to remit payment by IFT can be found on our website. Please contact the Bursar’s Office at 303-273-3158 if you have any questions.

NOTE: All scholarship remittances should be sent to the Financial Aid office directly at 1200 16th Street, Golden, CO 80401. Financial Aid will disburse to student accounts three days before classes start each semester.

What do I do if I am planning to use a Tuition Prepaid Plan?

Please inform tuition prepaid that the student is attending Colorado School of Mines. Then, Tuition Prepaid will notify Mines that we are authorized to send an invoice for the upcoming semester. Students need to pay their portion by the due date and wait for tuition prepaid to remit payment for remaining balance or can pay whole balance in full and reimbursed from school once payment received from tuition prepaid.

There is a credit on my account. How can I get a refund?

There is an easy two-step process for obtaining your refund. Refund payments are reflected on your Student account as a charge to offset the credit, bringing your account to a zero balance, and must be submitted each time a credit balance is generated on your student account so the Bursar’s Office knows you are ready to receive your refund.

  1. First Step: Students are required to enroll in eRefund via Trailhead: Self Service, Student, Student Records, My Account Page, eRefund, Enroll.
  2. Second Step: Student Refund Request forms must be electronically submitted via Trailhead in order to request the disbursement of your refund. Select: Self Service, Student, Student Records, Student Refund Request Form. You will receive a confirmation email when your form is successfully submitted as well as when the refund has been processed.
If I withdraw from classes, are my tuition and fees refundable?

If the withdrawal from courses is made after the add/drop period, and the student fully withdraws from school, tuition and fee assessments will be reduced according to the following schedule:

  • Within 7 calendar days following the end of the add/drop period, 60 percent reduction in charges.
  • Within the next following 7 calendar days, a 40 percent reduction in charges.
  • Within the next following 7 calendar days, a 20 percent reduction in charges.
  • After that period, no reduction of charges will be made.

The schedule above applies to the Fall and Spring semesters. The time periods for the Summer Sessions I and II will be adjusted in proportion to the reduced number of days in these semesters.

Please note that your financial aid may be adjusted by the Financial Aid Office according to federal regulations.

What am I required to do if I receive an eBill for tuition from Mines but I have decided to attend another university or college?

You must contact the Admissions Office and Financial Aid Office to make a formal notification that you will not be attending at Mines. If you do not meet the requirements for formal notification, the tuition charges will remain your personal obligation.

What are my responsibilities as a student?

Upon registration at Mines, you agree to accept responsibility for any charges and fees posted to your account, as well as any accepted financial aid and loans. You are also responsible for understanding all policies of Mines; deadlines of schedule changes, withdrawals, and leaves from Mines and how these changes can affect your financial debt obligation and financial aid eligibility. Email is the official means of communication at Colorado School of Mines; please ensure to check your account regularly.

How do I obtain a Parking Permit if I have a car on campus?

Please visit the Parking Services website for more information: http://www.mines.edu/parking

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