Mines Banking Information

Effective January 2021 Mines is moving from Wells Fargo to JP Morgan Chase. What does this mean for you? 

  • Payroll & Accounts Payable payments from Mines will now be from JP Morgan Chase, both electronic and paper checks. No action is necessary for payments to process as expected.  
  • Payments received by Mines – Customers paying by ACH/EFT/Wire will need to use our new routing information. Click on the most appropriate box below based on the reason for payment. Customers who pay online, no action is necessary. 
  • Invoices & payment requests will need to be updated with Mines’ new banking information. General Accounting can help! We are now offering Central Accounts Receivable Services for campus. If you need to request a payment from a person or vendor, email co-accounting@mines.edu for invoice creation and payment tracking
  • Checks can still be mailed to Mines – 1500 Illinois Street, Cashier, Golden, CO 80401

Use this letter to request an ACH or Wire directly to Mines. Please notify co-accounting@mines.edu of any anticipated payments and where they should post/new fund setups

This letter is for sponsors who need to send payment directly to the Office of Research Administration at Mines

This letter provides instructions on making payments to student accounts