CASA at Mines

Academic Support


Tutoring will be offered virtually through TutorOcean, a tutoring platform that allows Mines students to schedule a one-on-one appointment with Mines tutors. The tutor and student meet over video, using a virtual whiteboard, code editor or text editor.

  • Tutors have the ability to schedule their own hours, thus increasing the hours of assistance available for students
  • Only Mines students can sign up for the platform and only Mines tutors are providing tutoring
  • View our short, internally created video demo 

Academic coaching will continue virtually through Zoom meetings with CASA advisors. We will also continue advertising our coaching services for students who want to meet with an advisor about topics such as time management and study skills, especially as it relates to new, previously unexperienced challenges with online learning.


Academic support resources are being posted on CASA’s resources website and will be distributed regularly to students. Recently, CASA advisees were recently notified of a free resource through Innovative Educators which allows them access to an online learning orientation and student success workshops through April 17.

Cross-Campus Collaboration


Faculty in CASA is our award-winning program and we’re continuing to partner with our existing faculty to continue their hours virtually through Zoom or another platform of their choice. We are advertising their hours on our website and offering the use of TutorOcean to our faculty.

  • In an effort to further connect students and faculty during this online time, we are inviting additional faculty to host some extra office hours each week for a modest stipend.

We also partner with faculty for our Core Review Sessions which provide a group review session prior to exams and also weekly office hours held by peer facilitators.

  • These sessions will move to the Zoom environment and the updated schedule will be posted on our website, once faculty confirm their review session dates.

We are partnering with the Applied Math & Statistics Learning Center to host their peer tutoring through TutorOcean as well. Their peer tutors are in the platform and will also host virtual tutoring.


The Writing Center is continuing use of their platform, MyWCOnline, to hold virtual writing center sessions. They have also been invited to use the TutorOcean platform as an additional resource.


The Registrar’s Office and Financial Aid will hold walk-in assistance during the week of March 30 and we will collaboratively advertise our combined efforts, allowing us to send a Zoom meeting room link directly to students in need of assistance from any of the three offices.

Communication & Student Assistance

We are continuing to personally help students in a virtual environment.

  • We added an online live chat feature to our website which allows us to know when someone is on our website and instantly respond to a question they pose through the chat box.
  • We also created Google phone numbers to continue to answer our phone without having our physical phones available. The Google phone number also allows us to call our advisees without using or giving out a personal cell phone number.