COVID-19 Vaccinations

Student-facing faculty and staff at Colorado’s universities and colleges — including Colorado School of Mines — are eligible for COVID-19 vaccination as part of Phase 1B.4 of the state’s vaccination distribution plan.  See the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment’s website for the latest updates on phase timing and vaccine providers.

Mines highly recommends that you seek out an appointment with a healthcare system, pharmacy or other vaccine provider as soon as you are eligible. Mines officials are exploring options for vaccination clinics on campus, but any clinics will likely be limited in scope and unable to meet the entire campus need/demand for vaccines.

Please note: Be wary of any emails you receive regarding vaccinations. The Information Security Team in ITS is anticipating email phishing attacks that attempt to trick individuals into divulging sensitive information to “sign up” for vaccinations. This page is being set up in part to warn against and combat such possible attempts.

Should Mines need to communicate to employees and/or students about vaccinations in the future, that information will be sent by the Mines Pandemic Response Team and/or the Human Resources office.

(Last updated April 7, 2021)

Groups Currently Eligible for Vaccination in Colorado

  • General public (all Coloradans 16 and over)

Groups Next in Line for Vaccination in Colorado

For the latest updates on Colorado’s vaccination efforts, and a list of providers currently offering vaccines, go to the state’s COVID-19 website.