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A tool kit for safely returning to campus

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A tool kit for safely
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Faculty Guidance

Mines faculty, whether teaching remotely, on campus or in a hybrid format, have a number of resources, policies and support documents available to them on this site. This site will be continually updated with new information, which will also be featured in the weekly Mines Climbs Together updates. If you have questions, or requests for additional information, please contact Academic Affairs or submit a question on the form included at the bottom of this page. (Last updated on Dec. 21, 2020)



What should I do if a student refuses to keep their mask on or adhere to other safety guidance?

  • Remind students that wearing a face mask is a campus policy and an expectation. By not doing so, they are directly violating Mines student code of conduct by presenting a danger or threat to the healthy or safety of him/herself or others;
  • First offense: Request the student to put on a face mask and provide them with a pleated disposable mask (available through the COVID Safety Supply Store) if they don’t have a face mask. Try resolving the matter with the student in a non-confrontational manner by informing the student about campus policy and student code of conduct. If a student refuses to wear a face mask in class after being requested to put one on and being provided one if they don’t have one, class can be cancelled at the discretion of the instructor. Public Safety is the very last resort and can be called if and only if the student is aggressive/belligerent.
  • When an incident such as the one mentioned above occurs, instructors (including teaching assistants) should report the matter up to their direct supervisors. The matter should be brought to the attention of DHs. DHs should speak with the student reiterating campus policy, Oredigger Promise, etc., and have the student sign an agreement that they will wear a mask in all their classes from here on out.
  • Second offense: If noncompliant behavior continues, DHs should report such behavioral issues to Derek Morgan, Dean of Students. Appropriate action will be determined by Student Life to address the violation of code of conduct.

 What should I do if I have a COVID case in my classroom?

If it hasn’t already been reported, you can either user Mines’ COVID reporting tool or ask the student to self-report. Mines’ COVID-19 Response Initiator Team (CRIT) will follow up that report by notifying the student’s professors and classmates of the confirmed case, while taking steps to protect the student’s privacy. You will receive one of those emails, which will provide you with additional information. Assuming that the student and classmates have adhered to safety guidelines, no actions (such as cancelling in-person class sessions) will be required.

My student has COVID-19 or is required to self-quarantine. How do I help them?

A student who is sick and unable to attend class remotely must complete the Dean of Students’ Excused Absence Request form.

If I’m teaching on campus, will I be tested?

Mines faculty and staff who are in the classroom or lab will be provided with reoccurring testing using Mines’ testing partner. Those faculty will be contacted about testing opportunities, which will occur at regular intervals.

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