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A tool kit for safely
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Student Safety: Isolation and Quarantine Guidance

The following guidance from Mines Student Life is intended for resident students who may be asked to quarantine or isolate due to having COVID-19 or being a close contact with someone with COVID-19. (Last updated Dec. 16, 2020)

Illustration of young man staying homeIn line with guidance from U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Jefferson County Public Health, and Mines Student Health Center, Mines will require any resident students:

  • To isolate and monitor for worsening symptoms if they have a confirmed or presumed positive case of COVID-19
  • To quarantine if they have had close contact with a COVID-19 case

Students with a positive COVID-19 case should not travel during their isolation period. Students in quarantine may be provided a designated time allowed outdoors, but must still restrict their movements in order to limit potential virus transmission. Mines will provide housing accommodations and other support services for resident students needing to isolate or quarantine.

A member of the Mines COVID-19 Response Initiator Team (CRIT) will consult with the impacted student to determine the necessary course of action, connect them to testing and/or medical care as needed, and determine the duration of isolation or quarantine. This team will also conduct contact tracing to ensure the close contacts of any positive COVID case on campus are identified and notified.

For on-campus residents living in the residence halls or apartments, CRIT will work with Residence Life to determine where the student will complete their quarantine or isolation directive, and Residence Life will provide further support, guidance, and (when necessary) moving instructions for relocation to a temporary housing assignment. CRIT will advise students living in fraternity or sorority houses and will collaborate with Fraternity and Sorority Life staff.

Below is additional information on moving, medical care and follow-up, expectations of students, academic and personal support, meals, mail, and more.

Moving Rooms for Quarantine or Isolation

Some students may be permitted to remain in their current housing assignment, in which case a move is not necessary.

Resident students required to move for on-campus isolation or quarantine purposes will receive temporary housing assignment information, keys (if applicable), a linen and towel packet, instructions on moving, expectations regarding health and safety, and checkout information. A micro-fridge or kitchenette will also be provided if a student is moved to a different room. Additional cleaning supplies can be provided upon request.

Students required to relocate to a new room assignment will be provided with a clean moving container(s) to assist with moving to a new location. Students should pack minimal belongings, including:

  • Pillow and blanket or comforter (linens and towels provided by Residence Life)
  • Clothing and toiletries for up to two weeks (your specific duration of quarantine or isolation will depend on circumstances)
  • Laptop or other technology for classes and power cords/charges
  • Cell phone and charger
  • Blastercard and keys
  • Prescription medications
  • Wallet and other valuables such as passport, money, documents
  • Any books or other academic materials they will need to continue courses remotely
  • Personal entertainment or self-care items, such as books, journals, art supplies, games
  • Snacks
  • Personal water bottle or cup, cutlery, and plate/bowl or disposable items, etc.
  • Mines personnel will provide further information and guidance by phone, email and/or video call.

If they are able, students will be asked to move themselves to their new room assignment (walking, driving, etc.) Mines can provide students with a rolling cart to move their own belongings, if applicable. If a student requires transportation, they may drive their own vehicle. When moving, the student must wear a mask and be careful not to touch any surfaces or come into close contact with any person.

If a student is unable to move themselves, Mines may transport a student’s belonging on their behalf. Mines will also help the student connect to further medical care and evaluation to determine if further medical interventions are necessary for the student’s heath.

In some cases, Mines may utilize local hotels for students who need to quarantine.

Medical Care and Guidance During Quarantine or Isolation

Medical Care and Follow-up for Students in Isolation 

Resident students in isolation have access to daily follow-up care with Student Health Center via telehealth appointment or the AHP Live tele-health platform.

Guidance for Students in Isolation/ Quarantine 

Resident students in isolation or quarantine will be expected to stay in their rooms as much as possible until the prescribed period is over. Additional guidance will be provided to each student, but generally, the following will also apply:

  • Students in isolation are directed to remain in their isolation space for the full duration of their isolation period. Meals will be delivered to their room door. Isolation rooms have their own bathroom. 
  • Students in quarantine/isolation will be asked not to enter other campus facilities and also refrain from interacting with others in their building as much as possible. Avoid public places and public transportation of any kind.
  • Guests or other visitors will not be allowed during the period of isolation or quarantine.
  • When a student must leave their room for any reason, such as using the bathroom, they must wear a mask, wash hands with soap and water (or use hand sanitizer) before and after leaving their room, and wipe down any bathroom fixtures used or other surfaces touched with disinfectant.

Once Quarantine / Isolation is Over

The Mines CRIT team will provide each student with the specific date when their isolation or quarantine period will end. Additional guidance will be provided regarding procedures to vacate their isolation/quarantine room and move back to their original room.

Additional Student Support During Isolation / Quarantine

Academic and Personal Support 

Mines Student Life will help notify instructors that students will not be able to attend classes or labs in-person during their isolation or quarantine period.

Since most classes are also accessible remotely, students should be able to participate remotely, as they are able. Faculty have been asked to work with students to ensure they can continue to contribute to and progress in their classes and complete any exams or assignments remotely—or reschedule any course components that cannot be accommodated remotely.

For students assigned by Mines’ COVID-19 Response Initiator Team (CRIT) to quarantine (those who are close contacts of a positive COVID-19 case) or to isolation (those with a positive COVID test and/or symptoms), Mines Student Life will notify your instructors that the student will not be able to attend classes or labs in-person during the quarantine or isolation period.

If a student is hospitalized, or simply too ill to participate fully in remote classes, they should notify their faculty and request to make up any missed coursework, lectures, assignments or exams at a later time.

If a student encounters further difficulty with academic accommodations, needs further academic guidance, or has substantial personal challenges or support needs, they should reach out to or submit a request at


If a student has a meal plan, meals students can choose to receive meals provided by Mines Market. Resident students in quarantine will be able to pick up their meals from the Elm Hall mezzanine three times a day Mon-Fri, and twice a day Sat/Sun. Students in isolation will have meals delivered to their suite. Those quarantining or isolating in 1750 Jackson or Mines Park can also opt-in to have meals delivered, which would occur once per day and include a hot dinner and cold breakfast and lunch for the following day.

If a student does not have a meal plan, Mines personnel can provide recommendations or resources for meal or grocery delivery for the student. A daily meal plan option may also be purchased.


In campus housing, mail will be held for the student while they are in quarantine or isolation, except in the case of:

  • Medications or other health-related items (ex. toothpaste)
  • Academic-related items (ex. textbooks)
  • Care packages from family and friends

If a student is expecting or gets notice they have been delivered one of the above items, student should notify Adriana Alba at to request delivery of the item to their room door. Students are otherwise discouraged from ordering online.

All other housing-related questions should be emailed to Resident COVID Response Coordinator Adriana Alba at Questions regarding testing or quarantine/isolation directives should be emailed to the COVID Response Initiator Team (CRIT) at  

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