Vaccination Information

Overview (Last Updated 11/1/21)

Mines returned fully in-person classes and vibrant on-campus living and learning in Fall 2021. Based on this intention, community input, experiences managing COVID-19 in 2020-21, and the availability of several COVID-19 vaccines, Mines implemented a vaccination requirement for Fall 2021. This vaccination requirement could be fulfilled by either: 

  • Providing proof of vaccination, or 
  • Submitting a vaccine exemption form 

Having a high level of vaccination, and knowing the vaccination status of our on-campus community members, allows Mines to deliver the distinctive, in-person and on-campus experiences we are known for.   

Students, faculty and staff (including employees on non-remuneration contracts) choosing to forgo vaccination for medical or non-medical reasons (e.g. religious or personal beliefs) must file an exemption with the Student Health Center (students) or Human Resources office (faculty and staff). 

The deadline for all students studying and/or working on the Mines campus to be fully or partially vaccinated, or have filed an exemption, was August 23, 2021, the first day of the fall semester. Students who failed to meet the deadline have had a hold placed on their accounts until they come into compliance by submitting proof of vaccination or an exemption form.

Employees — including graduate students on TA and RA contracts — have until December 17, 2021 to come into compliance with the updated vaccine mandate for federal contractors (more info below).  


Students (New and Returning)person receiving vaccine

The Mines Student Health Center manages the collection and storing of vaccination records and exemption forms for all Mines students (undergraduate and graduate). Students who have received the COVID-19 vaccine must enter their dose dates into the Health Portal (on Trailhead) and upload proof of vaccination (photo of vaccination card or medical record) prior to August 23. Submissions without proof of vaccination will not be accepted.

Students filing an exemption (medical, religious or personal) will also use the portal to download, sign and submit that form.

All new students must also submit proof of vaccination for MMR-Measles, Mumps and Rubella by June 15, 2021. Students living on campus should submit proof of immunization for Meningococcal ACWY by the same date.

Instructions on how to upload your vaccine information to the Student Health Portal.

A Special Note for Graduate Students

Graduate students on research (RA) and teaching (TA) contracts are not eligible to take a personal exemption to the campus vaccine requirement, per university policy. To be in compliance with the requirement, these graduate students must provide:

  1. Proof of vaccination (vaccine card or other medical record)
  2. Signed medical exemption form
  3. Signed religious exemption form

If you have already submitted a personal exemption, you will need to resubmit your documentation through the Student Health Portal (via Trailhead) and provide either 1) proof of vaccination or 2) a signed medical or religious exemption form. Instructions on how to upload your vaccine information to the Student Health Portal

Employees (Updated Nov. 1, 2021)

A recent Executive Order issued by President Biden directs federal departments and agencies to require their contractors and subcontractors to comply with newly issued workplace safety guidance that mandates COVID-19 vaccinations and safety protocols, such as mask requirements. Because Mines receives federal funding for our research and other efforts, we are subject to these new requirements. 

While the federal vaccination requirement is similar to our campus vaccination requirement, there are differences. 

  • Under the federal rule, all Mines employees will have to satisfy the federal vaccination requirement by the end of the Fall 2021 semester, regardless of whether an employee is working on a federal contract and regardless of whether the employee is working on campus.
  • Graduate students who are employed through RA or TA contracts are also subject to the federal vaccination requirement. 
  • Non-religious personal belief exemptions are not allowed under the federal requirement.

In order to comply with the federal requirements, Mines must collect one of the following three documents from each employee:   

  • Documentation showing you are vaccinatedNote: If you are considering a 2-shot vaccination, your first shot needs to be completed by November 17. Acceptable documentation includes:  
    • Copy of your COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card;   
    • Copy of your record of COVID-19 immunization from a health care provider, pharmacy, or public health or State immunization information system;  
    • Copy of your medical records documenting the vaccination; or  
    • Copy of any other official documentation verifying COVID-19 vaccination with information on the vaccine name, date(s) of administration, and the name of health care professional or clinic site administering the vaccine.   
  • A medical exemption signed by a physician (M.D., D.O.), advanced practice nurse, or physician assistant.  
  • A religious exemption signed by you, acknowledging your sincerely held religious beliefs and practices.   

 If you have already submitted one of these three documents, you will be receiving a confirmation email of your submission in the next few weeks. In the unlikelihood that your submission is incomplete, a member of our team will be reaching out to you to rectify the situation. 

If you previously submitted a personal exemption, Mines is no longer permitted to accept these requests per the federal executive order. In order to comply, you will need to submit one of the above three documents. 

To help us meet the federal deadline, Mines employees must submit their document by uploading it to OnBase by December 17, 2021.  

Need help uploading your documents? The Mines Administrative Processing Services (MAPS) team can assist you in person Monday through Friday from 7:30 am until 5:00 pm. The MAPS team is located in Guggenheim Hall, Suite 224. You may also reach them on 303.273.3166 or at

Should you have any questions regarding the medical or religious exemptions, please reach out to our team in Guggenheim Hall, Suite 110. You may also reach us on 303.273.3250 or at


In keeping with other established vaccination policies at Mines and in the State of Colorado, students and employees can fulfill the COVID-19 vaccine requirement by claiming an exemption for medical or non-medical reasons. Non-medical reasons include religious or personal beliefs. Any person may change their mind at a later date and withdraw their exemption status once fully vaccinated.

Please note: Students or employees with a recorded immunization exemption may be compelled to quarantine or isolate, participate in regular COVID-19 testing, or adhere to other disease mitigation measures imposed by Mines.

Vaccination Q&A

I'm a student. How do I submit my proof of vaccination or exemption?

The Mines Student Health Center manages the collection and storing of vaccination records and exemption forms for all Mines students (undergraduate and graduate). Students who have received the COVID-19 vaccine must enter their dose dates into the Health Portal (on Trailhead) and upload proof of vaccination (photo of vaccination card or medical record). Submissions without proof of vaccination will not be accepted. 

Students filing an exemption will also use the portal to download, sign and submit that form. 

 Instructions on how to upload your vaccine information to the Student Health Portal. 

Where can I get vaccinated near campus?

Both major grocery stores in Golden are offering free COVID-19 vaccines:  

Jefferson County Public Health is also hosting free vaccine clinics each week in Golden, no appointment necessary. Check out the full list at 

I’m not getting vaccinated. How do I submit my exemption?

In keeping with other established vaccination policies at Mines and in the State of Colorado, students and employees can fulfill the COVID-19 vaccine requirement by claiming an exemption for medical or non-medical reasons. Non-medical reasons include religious or personal beliefs.  Any person may change their mind at a later date and withdraw their exemption status once fully vaccinated. 

 Student Vaccination Exemption Request forms (both Medical and Non-Medical): 


I already submitted my vaccination status, but I received a message about a hold on my account. What should I do now?

If you recently submitted your documentation through the Student Health Portal, you may disregard this message.   

If you find that a hold has been placed on your account for non-compliance with the vaccine requirement, please DO NOT re-submit your documentation. Instead, please call the Health Center at 303-273-3381.  Please be aware that holds are placed for other reasons, so you should confirm the hold was placed for this reason and not another reason. 



I just submitted my documentation to the Student Health Portal. When will my hold be lifted?

Once you submit your documentation, the hold on your account will not be immediately lifted.  It will take up to 14 business days for the verification of your documentation and the hold to be removed. Please plan ahead and submit your documentation as soon as possible to avoid any issues with your Spring 2022 registration later this semester. 


I already self-reported my vaccination status to CRIT using the Mines Community Member Full Vaccination Self-Report form on the Mines Climbs Together website. Do I need to self-report again?

Yes. Students must complete the vaccination status form on the Student Health Portal in Trailhead and include a photo of their vaccination card or medical record.  Students who have already uploaded their vaccination documentation through the Student Health Portal do not need to resubmit itEmployees will also need to upload their vaccination information through the MAPS Secure Document Upload portal, even if they’ve already reported their vaccination status to the COVID Response Initiator Team (CRIT)

What is the deadline for being vaccinated? Must I be fully vaccinated at that time?

Students and employees should have received their first shot prior to the first day of fall classes, Monday, August 23. All members of our community are urged to be fully vaccinated by receiving both shots before August 23, if possible (the Johnson & Johnson vaccine requires only a single dose). However, partial vaccinations by August 23 will be acceptable. 

Will my vaccination status remain confidential?

Vaccine documentation will be safeguarded and maintained in a secure, confidential manner in the same way all personal medical records are maintained. 

How will my vaccination or exemption information be used by Mines?

This information will be used by Mines in the aggregate to inform COVID-19 safety protocols on campus. It may also be used for purposes of COVID contact tracing and quarantine or isolation protocols conducted by Mines. 

How will this new guidance impact students living on campus?

Residence Life will contact all incoming and returning residential students with more specific guidance and updates. 

If vaccinated, will I have to continue to participate in COVID-19 testing, comply with COVID-related safety guidance (such as mask wearing indoors), etc.?

Following the guidance established by the CDC, if you are fully vaccinated you will not be subject to COVID-19 surveillance testing or quarantine requirements. Persons who exhibit COVID-19 symptoms are encouraged to obtain a COVID-19 test regardless of vaccination status. Face mask mandates will remain in place for the time being. More specific updates and details will be provided later this summer to the campus community.   

Are students living on campus required to be vaccinated?

Yes, the vaccination requirement applies to the entire campus community; however, persons including residential students may exempt themselves from the vaccination requirement for  medical or non-medical reasons. Specific guidance for students living on campus will be provided directly by Residence Life. 

I've had COVID-19. Do I still need to be vaccinated?

Yes, the CDC recommends that you still get vaccinated after recovering. However, it notes that those treated with monoclonal antibodies or convalescent plasma wait 90 days before being vaccinated.  

What restrictions will I encounter on campus if I submit a COVID-19 vaccination exemption?

Any student who is not fully vaccinated (defined as two weeks since the completion of the vaccine – one dose for J&J, or two doses for Pfizer or Moderna vaccines) will be subject to quarantine for up to 14 days after close-contact exposure with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. A student who has tested positive for COVID-19 within the prior 90 days will not be subject to quarantine. If you are required to quarantine or isolate, you will not be permitted to attend classes or campus activities, and will need to stay in your residence for the duration of the quarantine period. This means you could miss two weeks of classes or more, which would be challenging for any student, but especially with the rigorous curriculum at Mines. Faculty will excuse your absence, but you’ll have to make up the missed material, coursework or tests.

Mines will monitor the community vaccination rate and will implement safety protocols as needed. Athletics may implement program-specific protocols based on guidance from NCAA and RMAC.

      I am a fully online student. Am I subject to the vaccination requirement?

      No. The vaccination requirement applies to all students, faculty and staff who come to campus to attend and teach classes, study, conduct research or work. It does not apply to fully online students or fully remote workers who do not come to campus.
      As long as fully online students don’t intend to come to campus or use any on-campus facilities, such as the library, student center, computer labs or research spaces, over the course of the semester, they are not required to provide any vaccine documentation to Mines (proof of vaccination or exemption form).

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