How to Help a Student


  • Consultation 
    The Counseling Center regularly consults with faculty, staff, parents or friends who have concerns about students. While legal and ethical requirements prevent us from revealing information shared during counseling, we can discuss how we typically handle various situations. If you have concerns about a student, we’re happy to talk with you and suggest options. Appointments are voluntary and cannot be made for a student by a third party. Counseling is most effective when individuals engage and believe there is value in it. If you believe that a student could benefit from counseling, encourage him or her to contact the Counseling Center.
  • Emergencies
    Mental health emergencies are serious. If you are concerned about a student’s ability to remain safe, please don’t hesitate to contact emergency services. Public Safety can be reached at 303-273-3333 for on campus assistance or dial 911. If we are notified that a student is potentially at risk to self or others, we will complete an emergency assessment to determine the appropriate course of action. While the counselors are bound by confidentiality standards, in the case of danger to self or others, notification of appropriate parties to protect the student or others is permitted.
  • Submit a CARE Report
    The CARE Team at Mines provides assistance to the campus community to help ensure students in distress get appropriate support.
    Crisis Assessment, Response, and Education (CARE) @ Mines


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