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Counseling Center Workshops

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*Explore Wellness Workshops*

  • Coping with Grief
  • Sharpen Your Social Skills
  • Refresh Your Perspective
  • Creating School/Life Balance
  • Social Media: Supporting Connection or Isolation
  • Tackling Test Anxiety
  • The Art of De-Stressing
  • Video Games & The Impact of Chronic Over-Stimulation
  • Body Kindness & Respect
  • Trauma and the Brain
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Stress Busters
  • Laughter as Therapy
  • Substance Awareness-Alcohol

*Explore Emotional Wellbeing Series*

  • Anxiety Toolbox
  • Mindfulness in Action
  • Engineering College Success
Every Oredigger Mental Health Trainings

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Peer Education Trainings

•Healthy Relationships
•Escalation Workshop on Campus Dating Violence
•Sexual Assault Prevention – Bystander Intervention
•General Bystander Intervention 
•Resilience Training for Students

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Student Wellness Promotion & Education

Student Wellness Promotion and Education conducts programs to help Mines students build and access the tools needed to stay well during college and beyond. These activities and trainings promote holistic student well-being and address issues of community health and wellness, such as: mental health, alcohol and substance abuse, connectedness, resilience, sleep, stress management, sexual health, nutrition, and more.

Mines For Recovery

Mines for Recovery 
Our purpose is to provide a safe space for Mines students to meet and receive/offer peer support for drug and alcohol abuse.
Appropriate students to attend include those who are:
i. In recovery.
ii. Have a drug/alcohol addiction
iii. Are questioning if they have a drug/alcohol addiction.
iv. Have abused drugs or alcohol.
v. Desire to learn more to support a friend/peer/family member of concern.
This group is voluntary, anonymous, and student-led. Please join us.