A Personalized Approach

Our Care Model is a multi-faceted system of services and programs that seeks to meet students where they are in the change process while promoting autonomy and empowerment. The most clinically effective and efficient interventions are offered in partnership with students to best meet their unique needs. Students are coached in the creation of connections within the Mines community to support ongoing thriving and belonging.

Multi-Faceted-Care-Model Services

Goals of the Multi-Faceted Care Model include:

• Provide timely student access to mental health care and education
• Create individualized wellness and treatment plans in response to specific student needs
• Utilize a strengths-based approach by supporting maximum client autonomy within treatment
• Expose students to a variety of care services and tools to empower students to manage their wellbeing
• Connect students effectively with other campus resources and supports
• Incorporate technological resources in the support of student wellbeing
• Increase short-term and group interactions with students, allowing for more students to be served

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