Previous Workshops, Seminars, & Events


Launching Your Academic Career at Mines (Series of 7 workshops for additional information, please contact Kamini Singha at

Faculty Workshop 1 – Expectations for Promotion and Tenure: Publishing Your Research 

Topics include: Research expectations for tenure, Data on what makes a “quick starter”, Tips for writing, Writing for the “right” journal.  

Faculty Workshop 2 – Expectations for Promotion and/or Tenure: Getting a Quick Start in Teaching Effectively

Topics include: Data on what makes a “quick starter”, Your pre-tenure teaching plan, New concepts in pedagogy, Campus resources.

Faculty Workshop 3 – Setting Up Your Research Group & Developing Its Brand

Topics include: Developing a “powerful group”, Mentoring and advising students, Tips for working with graduate students: what is/is not your job, Setting guidelines for students, Supervision styles, Developing a “brand identity”, Working on an a national/international reputation, Social media.

Faculty Workshop 4 – Grant Writing Tips and University Finances for Faculty

Topics include: Setting research objectives, Federal funding opportunities, Tips for getting federally funded, industry funding, Should you meet your program officer?, The Mines budget: where does money come from and go to? Types of university funds, What are indirect costs and how they are used at universities.

Faculty Workshop 5 – The Sustainable Professor

Topics include: Service work — how it helps and how it fits into your effort, Time management, The Want-To-Do, Need-To-Do Conundrum, Realistic goal setting, Finding time for yourself, Establishing your absence, Thinking of yourself in multidimensional space.

Faculty Workshop 6 – Networking, Finding Mentors, and Managing Personalities

Topics include: How to identify (multiple) mentors, What to expect of your department head, Figuring out expectations of others, Managing up, The principles of shared governance, Emotions and aggression, Listening and communication, Dealing with bullies, People you need to know: the Board of Trustees; the President and Provost; Faculty Senate.

Faculty Workshop 7 – Working on Your Dossier (Start Now!) 

Topics include: The tenure and promotion process timeline, What goes into your dossier, How to write your statements, Promotion letters — how they are selected, how to cultivate writers, what to avoid, Outcomes, Intangibles, Tenure myths and FAQs.

Proposal Writing 101 – Structuring a Responsive Proposal

Erika Jerme will present strategies for developing a responsive proposal to ensure that you are addressing the sponsors requirements and review criteria.  Please send a quick email to if you’ll be attending.

Panel Discussion for Writing Competitive Fellowship Proposals, Organized by the VPRTT office

Scholarly Identity and Research Impact, Ye Li, see

Working With Your Advisor, Roel Snieder

Effective Negotiation, Roel Snieder

Software Carpentry Workshop (Shell, R, and Git) tentatively, see

Getting Published in a Leading Journal : Perspectives of Authors, Editors, and Publishers

Movie Screening – Paywall: The Business of Scholarship and Guided

Discussion on Open Scholarship, Ye Li,

Using LaTex for Collaborative Authoring, Ye Li,

Time Management, Roel Snieder

Publishing Research, Panel discussion to extend your understanding of the publication, submission, and review process.  A web seminar with Michigan University of Technology.  For additional information, please contact Roel Snieder at

Collaboration Tools for Managing Research and Publishing Workflow , Ye Li, Introduction to technology options, including electronic lab notebooks, Open Science Frameworks, reference management tools, Overleaf, open repository and preprint servers etc., and good practices for managing your research and publishing workflow.

Sustainability/Ethical STEM, Enhance your understanding of the role of ethics in STEM professions.  A web seminar with Michigan University of Technology.  For additional information please contact Roel Snieder at

Author Rights and Open Scholarship, Ye Li, Understand your rights as an academic author.  Learn how open access can help enhance your research impact, and how to protect your intellectual property while opening up your research.

Effective Negotiation Strategies, Develop and broaden negotiation skills for professional enhancement.  A web seminar with Michigan University of Technology.  For additional information please contact Roel Snieder at

Negotiation and Communication Seminar for Women, Society of Physics Students has invited an APS representative to give a seminar on communication and negotiation for women in STEM. This seminar will help teach professional skills necessary to succeed in a science-based career including how to negotiate a graduate or professional position, how to interact positively with a mentor or advisor, how to enhance personal presence, and more!  For additional information, please contact Alexandra Culler at  This event is open to everyone (students, faculty, men, and women), but will be focused on women in science.

Building Up Your Scholarly Identity Ye Li, Learn how to establish your scholarly identity via ORCID profile and how to make the best out of online profile and network for scholars such as Google Scholar Profiles, ResearchGate, and Mendeley etc.

Assuming Leadership Positions, Learn Techniques, Strategies and Competencies for Advancement into Leadership Roles.  A web seminar with Michigan University of Technology.  For additional information please contact Roel Snieder at

How (Not) to Give a Truly Terrible Talk, Roel Snieder, Have you ever listened to a presentation that was poorly delivered, where you felt you were wasting your time?  It happens, and when it does, you don’t want to be the speaker during the delivery.  In this workshop we will compare the same talk when presented in two different ways and use this comparison to establish clarity on the do’s and don’ts of oral presentations.  After attending this workshop you know the importance of telling–and repeating–a story, the basics of effective use and design of slides, and how to use your voice and body for a compelling delivery.

Carpentry Workshop, Ye Li, Improve your research computing skills and make your data analysis more reproducible and automated. 

Team Skills, Learn about team work principles and develop and design principles, leadership, and mentor skills.  Web seminar with Michigan Technological University

Effective Teaching Practices, Sam Spiegel, Director of Trefny Innovation Instruction Center

Using Citation Management Software, Emily Bongiovanni, Visiting Scholarly Communications Librarian

How to Get Your Work Published in ‘Science’, Brent Grocholski, Physical Science Editor at Science Magazine

Aspects of Entrepreneurship That Will Help you Land a Job, Werner Kuhr, Director of The Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Value-based Ethics and the Moral Compass, Roel Snieder, Director of the Center for Professional Development Education

Attracting Industry Funding, a panel discussion with Aaron Stebner, Ali Tura, and John Speer

Publishing Papers, a panel discussion with Reuben Collins, Roel Snieder, and David Wald