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Project Request/Work Order Use this link for any requests for changes to the physical environment, (floors, walls, ceilings interior and exterior finishes, mechanical, electrical, plumbing). This includes changing the use of a room or space. Also use this link for drawing requests, maps and archives.


  • Step 1: Login to Famis using Trailhead credentials
  • Step 2: Define your location and Request Type and Subtype (work left to right, top to bottom)
  • Step 3: Select “Office of Design & Construction” as the Request Type
  • Step 4: Briefly describe your need
  • Step 5: Attach any files you would like
  • Step 6: Provide your billing index and account in accounting section (if applicable)
  • Step 7: Submit

Office of the State Architect Website The Colorado School of Mines follows all protocol of the Office of the State Architect and the State Building Program. Current State Building Program forms as well as posted projects for design or construction services can be found here.