Fall Updates: Using the Mines Testing Center During COVID

MTC Location

MTC Location:  The Mines Testing Center is now located in the Green Center, 2nd floor room 240.  Signage is posted in the Green Center directing visitors to the Testing Center.  We are no longer at the 1600 Jackson Street Location.

Special Considerations during COVID

Due to social distancing and COVID guidelines, the Testing Center has limited seating capacity.  Deviations from the typical exam schedule may occur to maintain social distancing guidelines.  We ask that faculty and students remain flexible when scheduling with the Testing Center. 

If the Testing Center cannot accommodate a student during the designated date/time of the exam due to capacity, limited space on campus, or staffing availability, the following alterations may be necessary:

  1. Schedule for the next available opening in the student’s schedule, which could be the next day.
  2. Large groups of students taking the same exam may need to be split into smaller groups to allow for social distancing in the Testing Center.  This is likely to be necessary for common hour exams and for final exams.
Receiving and Delivering Exams

To minimize contact, it is highly suggested that faculty send and receive exams to the Testing Center electronically (via email or uploaded in AIM).  The Testing Center will keep originals on file for the semester.  If electronic transmission of the exam is not possible, please contact testingcenter@mines.edu to arrange for drop off or pick up times to prevent unexpected crowding in the testing center


Accessing the Testing Center

The Testing Center is available to support students with accommodations completing in-person exams administered on campus.

Faculty can access AIM via the Faculty portal: https://www.mines.edu/disability-support-services/aim-faculty-portal/.  Faculty can check accommodations for students and complete testing agreements in the AIM portal.  NOTE:  Testing agreements are only needed for in-person exams.  If an exam is administered online or remotely, then faculty do not need to utilize the Testing Center or complete a testing agreement.  Faculty should contact the testingcente@mines.edu with questions about which exams fit this criteria.

Online exams

The testing center is not to be used for students who would otherwise take their exams in an online or remote format along with the rest of the class.  Students with accommodations should take the exam in the same format as the rest of the class.  Accommodations for online exams can be achieved in a variety of ways.  Please consult Trefny’s remote learning website (https://online.mines.edu/continuity/) for more guidance. 

In special situations, the Testing Center can provide some limited online proctoring support, and can problem solve as needed any unique exam situations. Contact testingcenter@mines.edu for more information.


Makeup Exams

First and foremost, the Testing Center is committed to serving the accommodated student population; support for make-up exams will be limited and as capacity allows. Request for makeup exams can be made here: https://www.mines.edu/disability-support-services/faculty-make-up-exam-request/.   To help prevent overcrowding, large groups of students in need of a make-up exams will be separated into smaller groups, no more than 3 at a time, and will be scheduled at different times (or dates) as needed.  Please contact testingcenter@mines.edu to problem solve specific exam situations and needs.