Mines Testing Center COVID Response


******The Mines Testing Center does not offer COVID-19 Test.******

This is an academic facility that provides proctoring for exams, tests, and quizzes for students with disabilities or approved extenuating circumstances. Information regarding COVID-19 steps for students can be found here: https://www.mines.edu/coronavirus/return/stay-home-if-sick/

  • Capacity: 21 students (16 seats in two classrooms and 5 individual testing rooms).
  • Only one person will be checked in at a time, and all students waiting to check in will need to sit outside the lobby on the benches that are separated and marked. 
  • The MTC may need to make adjustments to test schedules to ensure adequate space and social distancing requirements are met (e.g. common hour exams).
  • Students enter from the lobby door and exit via the door in 200B to avoid cross traffic.  Seats along the path in 200B have been closed off to accommodate traffic pattern.
  • Seating will be alternated between rooms and students will have assigned seats.  Students will be seated around the outer walls first and only in the middle when necessary.
  • Additional time will be needed to check in each student as space in the lobby is limited and each student will need to be guided to the locker area one at a time and seated. We encourage students to arrive early so we can seat them.
  • Time in between exams will be required to clean testing areas. Staff will alternate seats each day to reduce contact.
  • Exams will be prepared and laid out on assigned seats and students will leave completed exams at the station to avoid contact.  Proctors will pick up exams once completed and clean the testing area.
  • Masks will be required in the testing center to help prevent spread. Proctors and staff will wear masks and gloves. Hand sanitizer will be available in each room and at the front desk.