Information for Students

Mines Testing Center

Test Accommodations

While entitled to test accommodations, students may or may not choose to request such accommodations.

It is the responsibility of both the student and the faculty member to collaboratively discuss and confirm examination plans. Students are encouraged to proactively communicate with their faculty member(s). This should happen at least one week before the exam. 

In the instance that (a) an instructor chooses to schedule the Testing Center or (b) a student individually requests as such, faculty are asked to complete the Testing Center Request Form

Day of Exam

  • All tests administered through the Testing Center are held in 1600 Jackson Street Suiete 106A unless otherwise confirmed through MTC staff or faculty.
  • Students should arrive at least 15 minutes before their planned examination time. 
  • Students may confirm their planned examination time & date with the Testing Center Coordinator by emailing:

Request Exam in Testing Center

Students may or may not choose to use the Testing Center. If a student would like to take an exam in the Testing Center, it is the student’s responsibility to request such accommodations with their professor.