Student Frequently Asked Questions

what do I need to know about MTC covid procedures?

Please check out our COVID Response Plan for details.

Students will be required to wear masks in the Testing Center. Our capacity is limited due to social distancing so your exam may need to be reschedule if capacity is reached for your requested time (we encourage you to schedule your exam as much in advance as possible, late/last minute  request may result in rescheduled times)

We ask that you travel light and bring as little with you as possible and arrive early to help us check everyone in,  space in our lobby is limited so if occupied please wait outside the Testing Center on the benches available.



How do I request to take my exam with the Testing Center?

Students registered with DSS that receive testing accommodations are responsible for scheduling their own exams via the AIM Portal, please see the instructions posted there for details, you can schedule all of your semesters exams in advance if you know the dates and times, or scheduling them throughout the semester we do ask that you schedule exam as early as possible so the testing center can effectively provide accommodations. You should receive an email confirmation from the AIM system of your professor of the date and time of your exam.

For Make-Up exam’s your professor needs to submit a request via our faculty request form


I have a scheduling conflict with my exam because of my extended time

Scheduling your exam’s around conflicts can be a challenge; the goal should be to take your exam as close to the time the class takes theirs. If you have a class right after the course you have an exam in you may need to start early so you can finish in time to make it to your next class. If you have a class right before the course you have the exam in your time will run later than the courses. If your exam is between two courses then you will need to take the exam either before or after your classes, the same day if at all possible. If your moving your exam more than a few hours on the exam day you will need to justify the reasoning. If you have questions or concerns about your exam scheduling you can always email and we will be happy to help and provide options.


Where is the Testing Center?

The Testing Center is located on the second floor of the Green Center Room 240

What time should I arrive for my exam?

Please arrive at the Testing Center at least 15 minutes before your scheduled test time. This allows time for the proctor to check you in and disseminate any exam-related information.

What do I need to bring with me?

Please bring your BlasterCard (Mines ID card). This is how the proctor will verify your identity. Also, bring any exam-related materials that have been approved by your instructor (calculator, equation sheets, etc.).


Who proctors the exam?

The Mines Testing Center has a student-staff of proctors. There is generally one proctor per exam room. These proctors are juniors and seniors that have been fully trained on policies, procedures and upholding the academic integrity of each exam. Proctors do not administer an exam for a class they are currently taking.

How many other students will be in the room with me?

At a maximum, the Testing Center holds up to 24 students. There may be times during finals week that you will test in a room other than the Testing Center and capacity may reach 30. Your exam should never have above 30 students in it.

What if I have a question for my professor during the exam?

If you have a question during the exam, you can notify the proctor who will attempt to reach your professor. The proctor will try multiple methods (phone, email, text) and make a second attempt if needed. Professors know that you are taking your exam with us and are generally available if questions are allowed. If for some reason they are unreachable, continue working on your exam but write a detailed note of your question and your attempt to reach them via the MTC proctor.