Ways Orediggers can engage with DI&A @ Mines

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Foundation level content  provides an introductory or basic understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion. 

Try an Inclusion Icebreaker at your next meeting
Review Racial Equity Resources
Join a Mines Community Alliance (MCA)
Mentor or be a mentee through The Oredigger Network
Attend campus DI&A events
Participate in Mines climate surveys
Attend workshops at the Annual Celebration of DI&A


Appropriate for those looking to build on and increase their knowledge of diversity, equity and inclusion. ​

Join the Mines DI&A Council
Participate in Learning Communities
Submit a DI&A Award nomination
Promote hiring excellence
Incorporate DI&A best practices in candidate reviews & selection
Apply for a Community Grant
Join a department/campus unit diversity committee


For those who are looking to increase their expertise in diversity, equity and inclusion.

Become an Ambassador, Advocate, Fellow or MCA Chair
Incorporate DI&A best practices in grants/proposals
Include DI&A in performance management
Use the Inclusive Classroom Checklist
Be an advisor to a student organization
Attend the Leadership Institute
Lead a K-12 outreach activity
Facilitate a workshop at the Annual Celebration of DI&A


At Mines, we’re all about individuality, and we place a high value on out-of-the-box thinking.  After all, that’s how we make scientific breakthroughs and develop game-changing ideas.

By providing support services and resources through the diversity, inclusion and access (DI&A) initiative, we hope to nurture this thinking and work towards a more inclusive and equitable campus environment for students, staff and faculty alike.

Please contact DI&A with any questions you have about Mines DI&A, what it means to you, your department or office and how you can be a part of making Mines an inspiring and inclusive place for every Oredigger.

DI&A Goals

  • Attract, retain and graduate a thriving and diverse student body
  • Attract, retain, develop and promote a thriving and diverse employee community
  • Cultivate an inclusive campus culture that promotes and celebrates inclusion and achievement
  • Inspire shared responsibility, participation and accountability for DI&A efforts across the Mines community

Orediggers for Equity

Help the Mines community continue to learn and take action regarding diversity and racism on campus. We’d love to hear your thoughts and what you’ve been working on so we can share with the Mines campus and encourage others to take these necessary steps as we climb together.

Every Monday we ask campus to set aside 30 minutes to learn more about racial equity in STEM. Tell us about a resource you’ve found insightful, or share a story about how your team, class, department or organization is discussing and addressing issues related to diversity or racism. 

Share what you’re learning on social media by using #OrediggersForEquity or complete the ‘share your initiative’ form below so we can feature your efforts on our resources webpage.

Not sure where to start? Check out our evolving list of racial equity resources.