Advocates & Allies




Phase One


In April 2019, we brought the nationally recognized Advocates and Allies for Gender Equity program to campus. The workshop provides men with a deeper understanding of the inequities facing their women colleagues in higher education and provides them with a set of tools to respond in the moment as an ally. Over 80 men faculty and staff completed allies training for gender equity since its introduction to campus. A parallel session for women, Gender and Higher Education: Exploring Women’s Experiences was offered, and a facilitated listening session was offered in early fall. Learn more about Advocates & Allies 


Phase Two


Members of the Women Advisory Board (WAB) selected seven men Advocates from a pool of applicants in late summer 2019. The Advocates completed a two-day, seven-hour training facilitated by the Advocates and Allies trainers to create an Advocates & Allies Mission Statement, objectives, principles and actions, and presented their work to the WAB. The WAB advises the work of the advocates and communicates feedback on gendered environments from other women colleagues and peers at Mines.


  1. Dustin Olson / Public Safety    
  2. Steve Kriedler / Foundation  
  3. Dean Nieusma / EDS  
  4. Kester Clarke / MME  
  5. Christopher (Chris) Coulston, Chair / EE


  1. Carolyn Freedman / AMS  
  2. Vibhuti Dave / CS    
  3. Julia Roos / Humanitarian Engineering (EDS)    
  4. Bryann Lynch / Public Safety    
  5. Mary Cook / International Programs   
  6. Sareen Lambright Dale / Title IX and Equity Compliance   
  7. Kathryn (Katie) Johnson / EE   
  8. Carol Smith / Library and Museum  
  9. Amy Landis, Chair / Diversity, Inclusion & Access 


Phase Three