Annual DI&A Symposium



About the Event



Colorado School of Mines
 Welcome Center, 110 & 112 
1812 Illinois St, Golden CO 80401


What’s Needed in my Flash Talk?


  1. Pick one thing from your department or campus unit’s DI&A implementation plan (IP) that you’re really excited to share (i.e., maybe you want to locate more collaborators, maybe you want to share a best practice that others can adopt). You will have four minutes max (about 3-4 slides) to present, and facilitators will be strict about keeping presenters on time and moving across stage. Some examples: AAAS and ASEE CONECD commonly do flash talks; our format is similar. 
  2. Identify a presenter (no more than two) from your committee. 
  3. Choose your 4-minute time slot (you can choose multiple—your time will be announced by 10/8).   
  4. Upload your ppt slides one day before the symposium, so we can have them all keyed up and ready to go one after another.   
  5. Encourage your colleagues and students to attend.