Submitted by Seth Tucker


Tell us how you or your department, organization or team is supporting diversity initiatives and antiracism or a helpful resource you’ve been using.

As Director of the Hennebach Program in the Humanities, I feel it is my duty to ‘balance’ how we see expertise, art, scholarship, research, and craft, in the lectures, events, and performances we bring to campus. In the past year and a half (even with COVID) we have focused our attention clearly on BIPOC, LGBTQA+, and gender in our series, and I hope to see more of our DI&A supporters and activists attending these wonderful programs. Please see our website for past visits, or join us tonight or for any of our other programs for the semester:

Feb 2 Patricia Engel (novelist, On Writing Ourselves: an Exploration of Latinx Identity and Representation)
Feb 23 Walter Lee (Virginia Tech, Inclusion, Equity in Engineering Education, Panel with BIPOC scholars in the industry)
March 2 Jasmin Darznik (novelist, Poetry and the Iranian Revolution)
March 9 Laleh Khadivi (novelist and film maker, First Generation America: Trials and Demands)
March 16 Panel with Jasmin Darznik, Patricia Engel, Laleh Khadivi focused on First Generation American Issues and BIPOC and gender concerns in the US
April 13 Jericho Brown (Pulitzer winner, poet, Reading and Q and A for National Poetry Month) This is still in negotiations


Why did you take this initiative or explore this resource?

Looking back on our history and on the current makeup of our division and faculty across campus, it became clear we weren’t doing enough to establish how critical minority voices are in our development, research, and future.


What did you learn or experience?

It has become clear to me that our students are mostly starved for these voices, and personally, my devotion to BIPOC and LGBTQ voices has ‘dimmed’ the white male voice we are all so accustomed to hearing.


Why are discussions about racism and diversity valuable for individuals, teams and the broader Mines community?

If we don’t lead this, how can we expect peace, If not now, why?



Help the Mines community continue to learn and take action regarding diversity and racism on campus.

Tell us about a resource you’ve found insightful, or share a story about how your team, class, department or organization is discussing and addressing issues related to diversity or racism.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and what you’ve been working on so we can share with the Mines campus and encourage others to take these necessary steps as we climb together.