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We’ve provided some resources below, whether you’re on a personal DI&A journey or looking to provide support to your office or department. Step-by-step instructions for an implementation plan, ideas for trainings, workshops and programming and grant proposal help are all available. If you don’t fine what you’re looking for, please contact us, we’re here to help.


students walking through fall foliage

Inclusive Classroom Checklist


group talking at celebration of mines

Community Alliances


students sitting in the grass talking

Inclusion Icebreakers


students and professor talking and walking

Mentoring Program


four guys on M-Climb, posing and smiling

Advocates & Allies for Gender Equity


student talking to employer at career day

Hiring Excellence (HEx)


bronze statue of two mining burros

Grant Proposal Support


heart on mt zion

COVID-19 Resources


two students talking underneath a tree

Request Data, Surveys and Assessments