Mines DI&A Ambassadors

Program Overview

Mines DI&A Ambassadors program is a strategy used to help meet the requests for diversity and inclusion workshops across campus. External consultants equip Mines faculty, staff and students on how to effectively facilitate workshops, and in turn, prepare DI&A Ambassadors as campus facilitators. 

Mines DI&A Ambassador certification program flyer

Application must be submitted by October 7, 2020 at noon, MDT.

Fall 2020 Training Topics

Exploring Implicit (unconscious) Bias

Minimizing Microaggressions

Overview of training topics

Training Dates

Every Tuesday, October 13-December 15
1:30-4:00 PM
Week of fall break, 10/21 instead of 10/20

Time Commitment

Fall semester
Nine 2.5 hour sessions + 90 minute final assessment

Spring semester
Facilitate a minimum of three workshops and three mini Mines DI&A overviews to campus (on-demand), for a total of six engagements.  

Compensation + Certificate

DI&A Ambassadors are considered active allies and advocates for racial equity and receive a certification to conduct these trainings. Mines DI&A Ambassadors are financially compensated for completion of training program (fall semester) and for each campus workshop delivered (spring semester). 


Prerequisite: must have participated in fall 2020 Exploring Implicit (unconscious) Bias and Minimizing Microaggressions workshops.

Open to Mines faculty, staff and students. Must meet time commitment and training dates as outlined above. Applications are reviewed by program trainer, Dena Samuels, from Dena Samuel Consulting, and Mines DI&A leadership team.


Mines DI&A Ambassador Application

    Participation in Implicit Bias and Microaggressions workshops are prerequisites for Mines DI&A Ambassador program.