Advocate for Racial Equity Resources

We ask all of the Mines community to commit to learning more about unconscious bias. Find your own way to take meaningful action towards being an advocate, ally and anti-racist. The following resources are great to start the learning process.


Books from the 2022 Celebration of DI&A at Mines
Workshop  Book that was raffled
Facilitating Difficult Conversations Toolkit Workshop Thanks for the Feedback: The Science and Art of Receiving Feedback Well
Orediggers as Upstanders: Active Bystander Training Use Your Difference to Make a Difference: How to Connect and Communicate in a Cross-Cultural World
Minimize Unconscious Bias in the Graduate Admissions Process 14 Rules for Admissions Screening in Higher Ed: An Antidote to Bias
Accessibility in the Digital World Inclusive Design for a Digital World: Designing with Accessibility in Mind
Language Matters: Looking at Potentially Harmful Words and Phrases On the Offensive: Prejudice in Language Past and Present
Addressing DI&A in Federal Proposals: Strategies for Success The Person You Mean to Be: How Good People Fight Bias
Allies for Gender Equity Good Guys: How Men Can Be Better Allies for Women in the Workplace
Hispanic, Latinx, Chicanx: Why labels matter Wild Tongues Can’t Be Tamed: 15 Voices from the Latinx Diaspora
How Faculty Can Integrate Equity into Engineering Course Content Why Are We Still Doing That?: Positive Alternatives to Problematic Teaching Practices
Avoiding implicit bias in letter of recommendation writing Start Here, Start Now: A Guide to Antibias and Antiracist Work in Your School Community
Solidarity, Not Model Minority Myth of the Model Minority
Survivor Response and Support Trauma Intelligence: The Art of Helping in a World Filled with Pain

Many of these resources were assembled from a list published by Afar magazine.

Support Resources for African American & Black Communities 

The murder of George Floyd, and those that preceded, have been especially distressing for those who identify as African American or Black. We have worked with members of the Black Mines Community Alliance (MCA) to identify resources to help process this trauma: