Request Self-Assessment Survey

A self-assessment helps units and departments understand the current state of DI&A with respect to curriculum, teaching, research, mentoring and climate. We have adapted a self-assessment developed by Berkeley for use at Mines. You can implement the self-assessment digitally via survey-monkey (request a survey for your unit below). You might also consider conducting focus groups, where participants fill out the survey during a meeting and you discuss a few of the questions most important to you as a group. Check out best practices for hosting focus groups beforehand! Whichever way you choose to conduct the self-assessment, this is a good time to engage a range of stakeholders including students, faculty and staff.

In 2020, Mines will conduct a nationally vetted climate survey through the Chronicle of Higher Education. Several of the questions in the self-assessment are the same as those in our Chronicle survey, enabling you to benchmark your 2019 responses against our progress and our peers.