Unit/Department Self-Assessment Data

Unit/Department Self-Assessment Data



Mines DI&A developed three self-assessment surveys based on the Equity and Inclusion Self-Assessment by the University of California, Berkeley. This tool was developed by Amy Scharf and Brit Toven-Lindsey at UC Berkeley. It was adapted from the Self-Assessment Worksheet in UC Berkeley’s Strategic Planning Toolkit for Equity, Inclusion and Diversity in Academic Units. DI&A staff adapted this instrument to identify key strengths, gaps, and needs in relation to diversity and inclusion at Mines. Indicators found in this report reflect key priorities from Mines Strategic Plan for DI&A.

This data collection effort was conducted from March – December 2019. During this time, notifications were sent to campus asking academic departments and administrative units to opt-in to the surveys. Data reflect responses of individuals who volunteered their time to share their perspectives.

These aggregate reports are intended to open dialogue about our successes and opportunities to grow as a community and build best practices in Mines DI&A as we work toward our Mines@150 efforts.

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