Unit/Department Self-Assessment Surveys & Data

Unit/Department Self-Assessment Surveys & Data



A self-assessment helps units and departments understand the current state of DI&A with respect to curriculum, teaching, research, mentoring and climate. We offer several assessment tools:

DI&A Self Assessments

Adapted from Berkeley for use at Mines. You can implement the self-assessment digitally via survey-monkey. You might also consider conducting focus groups, where participants fill out the survey during a meeting and you discuss a few of the questions most important to you as a group. Check out best practices for hosting focus groups beforehand! Whichever way you choose to conduct the self-assessment, this is a good time to engage a range of stakeholders including students, faculty and staff. If you elect to survey students; we ask that only departments do so because people are so highly surveyed. Non-academic units should not send the selfassessment to students, however, focus groups are encouraged.


Designed for academic departments. Intended audience: faculty, staff and students.

Designed for non-academic units. Intended audience: administrators and staff.


Service, Mentorship & Professional Development Survey

Understand the service loads and access to professional development for your employees. Women and underrepresented groups often have higher internal (i.e. within Mines as opposed to professional societies) service loads and more hidden service than their colleagues; this impacts their productivity in other important areas for promotion and tenure. Request the survey below.


Designed for academic departments and non-academic units. Intended audience: faculty and staff (incl graduate students).


Climate Surveys

The Trefny Center conducts an annual survey of the student experience; you can view the reports online. In 2020, Mines will conduct a nationally vetted climate survey through the Chronicle of Higher Education, and results will be made available to the Mines community. 

Survey Request Form

Surveys are currently being redesigned. Requests will be fulfilled in October.

“Following the DI&A self-assessment, we had the most moving, meaningful and significant discussion within HR team ever. We moved right to the heart of important matters with data to support the conversation. Everyone should take the time to reflect on these issues and what they mean for your teams.” 


Human Resources, Colorado School of Mines

Data Request

Please contact us if you need support getting data for your program or proposal.