Employee Health Screening Requirement Details

All Mines employees are required to self-check their health each day prior to working on campus—or at a site owned or operated by Mines. The university has two tools available for this purpose.

What you need to know

  • All Mines employees must perform a daily health screening before arriving to work and adhere to the Required Procedures for Working on Campus
  • There are two tools available—a paper form and an online app (recommended)
  • Self-reported symptoms are not stored in the app but results are retained for three months
  • Employees reporting symptoms must remain home and notify supervisor by phone or email
  • Mines does not currently offer employees COVID-19 testing on campus. Testing is available at these off-campus community sites.
  • Only employees who are reporting to the Mines campus or a Mines facility (Edgar Mine, Confluence facility, etc.) are required to complete

More Information

Mines’ Employee Health Screening App

Colleges and universities are required by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, per Governor Executive Orders, to conduct daily temperature and COVID-19 symptom checks for employees and faculty working on campus or in a field location. These are required in order for the State to allow individuals to resume work on university property. Important information on this requirement and process is included below.

  • Symptom checks required—Individuals planning to work on campus or at Mines facilities (including any field offices owned or rented by the university) must complete a symptom check prior at the start of each work day and preferably before arriving on property. A daily symptom check is a condition for working on university grounds during the Governor of Colorado’s Stay at Home Executive Orders and is consistent with current CDC guidance. Individuals who do not complete this safety procedure will not be permitted to work on campus or at Mines facilities.
  • Two tools available for use—Employees may either use an electronic web app developed by ITS or maintain a paper log. If a paper log is used, the log should be submitted to a supervisor at the end of the day or work week–whichever is more convenient. Both tools are available on the following university websites: Mines Climbs Together, Environmental Health & Safety and Human Resources.
  • Symptom information is not stored or retained— To meet Mines’ state requirements for Safer-At-Home, we collect your name, date, and “allowed/not allowed on campus” result when you fill out the online health screening questionnaire. This information is used for maintaining the safety of campus by reducing the risk of spreading COVID-19. Data will only be used by Mines’ personnel for this business purpose and may be provided to public health authorities, if requested. Secondary uses of this data are not permitted
  • Screening results are kept for three months—As directed by the State of Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Mines must retain result records (which do not contain personally identifiable information) for three months. Result records will only be shared with public health officials if directed by those agencies. All records will be treated as confidential, and measures will be taken to securely handle your data. Your data will be securely destroyed at the end of the required three-month retention period.  Please see Mines’ privacy statement for more information about employee data.
  • Notification is employee’s responsibility—If experiencing symptoms and therefore directed to stay home or work remotely, employees must notify their supervisor that they will not be working on campus that day. They must contact their supervisor by phone or by email.
  • Positive responses do not preclude you from working remotely—A positive response to any symptom does not mean you have COVID-19. This is especially the case during allergy season. By asking employees to stay home and work remotely if a symptom appears, the state is acting in an abundance of caution to protect the health of communities while COVD-19 is still prevalent in our state.
  • COVID-19 testing unavailable on campus for faculty, staff—Currently Mines does not offer employees COVID-19 tests on campus. If you wish to be tested please visit one of these testing sites.

Mines’ Employee Health Screening Form (Hardcopy)

  • Mines employees who need or are asked to use a paper form for their daily health screenings can access and print that form here. Employers/supervisors are asked to retain these forms in a secure place for three months, and provide the forms upon request.

There are two ways to complete Mines’ Required Employee Health Screening Requirement:

Please note: Use of paper forms must be approved by a supervisor. The online tool is accessible via a web browser and can also be downloaded and used as an app. You can download the app to your phone by searching for and downloading “Power Apps” (a Microsoft app with a purple icon). Sign in with your Mines email and password, and you’ll see the “Wellness Confirmation” option appear. You can save the app on your phone and access daily with one click.