Laboratory Safety

The Environmental Health and Safety Department provides health and safety consulting services in the areas of industrial safety, hazardous materials handling, storage and disposal, industrial hygiene, health physics, chemical spill response, medical surveillance and personnel training. We also provide consulting services and evaluation of lab safety features such as fume hoods, hood filtration, ventilation, eyewash and showers, fire suppression systems, first aid kits and chemical storage arrangements and facilities. Each Principal Investigator/Laboratory Supervisor is required to train lab personnel and to develop and implement management procedures to ensure safe handling, storage and disposal of hazardous materials and to ensure the safe use of lab apparatus. To assist the Principal Investigator/Laboratory Supervisor, the EHS Department provides a Chemical Hygiene Plan, maintains a campus wide chemical inventory and Safety Data Sheet library, inspects laboratory facilities, and provides general safety training.



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Chem Store (CSDF)

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