EHS Locations

EHS Main Office

  • Location: Carpenter Shop
  • Phone: 303-273-3316

The EHS Department is located behind the GRL and east of the GRL Annex.

EHS staff at the Main Office:

  • Barb O’Kane, Director
  • Lee Ann Underwood, Assistant Director, Senior Safety Professional
  • Haitao Dong, Radiation Safety Officer
  • Kyle Filkins, EHS Specialist
  • Lauren Poole, Sustainability

Container Distribution

  • Location: EHS main office
  • Phone: 303-273-3316

EHS provides a wide variety of containers free of charge to Mines researchers who generate hazardous waste. Containers are available at the EHS Main office or the Chemical Storage and Distribution Facility (CSDF).

Chemical Storage & Distribution Facility (CSDF)

  • Location: Coolbaugh Hall, Room 030
  • Phone: 303-273-3555
  • Contact Person: Lynn Gedvilas
  • The Chemical Storage and Distribution Facility offers state-of-the-art storage for the wide variety of materials handled at Mines. Special prefabricated storage buildings have been placed outside the main Coolbaugh Hall building. Six separate compartments are used to store materials based upon compatibility. The storage units are heated, well lit, and continuously ventilated. Explosion-proof refrigeration units are available for sub-ambient storage of reactive and highly volatile materials. Each compartment provides several levels of containment and access is limited to authorized personnel. Students can access the chemical assistance window in the basement of Coolbaugh Hall.

Hazardous Materials Management Facility (HMMF)

  • Location: Plant Facilities Yard
  • Phone: 303-273-3869
  • Contact Person: Tim Sweitzer

The safe management and storage of hazardous materials is accomplished through the use of the Mines Hazardous Materials Management Facility (HMMF). This facility is engineered to safely store hazardous materials in several different secure compartments. Storage Compartments in the HMMF include: Flammable, Corrosive, Toxic, Radioactive and Special Handling.

The compartments are heated to prevent freezing of contents and are all equipped with fire suppression systems. The facility was constructed with a spill containment and control system that prevents leaks or spills from release from the facility.

The HMMF has provisions for the storage of asbestos waste, batteries and special wastes.

Both wastes and hazardous materials designated for reuse may be temporarily stored in the HMMF.

Industrial Chemical Storage Facility (ICSF)

  • Location: Plant Facilities Yard
  • Phone: 303-273-3869
  • Contact Person: Tim Sweitzer

The Industrial Chemical Storage Facility (ICSF) provides for storage of large containers (55 gallon drums) of hazardous materials used on campus. This facility reduces the quantities of materials located in occupied buildings. The ICSF is a covered and fenced concrete slab surrounded by a six-inch dike to contain any spilled material. The facility is also the central storage point for all recycled materials (e.g., paper, oil, aluminum) from the Mines campus.

Space in the ICSF is available to all Mines departments for bulk material storage. Because the ICSF is protected from the weather, stored material is not exposed to precipitation and potential problems with runoff are avoided.