Now available for Mines community members: A single portal for students and employees to report COVID-19 cases—Do you fall into one of these five categories?

  • Have received a positive COVID-19 test result
  • Live with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19
  • Have been tested for COVID-19 and are awaiting test results
  • Have symptoms associated with COVID-19
  • Are reporting on behalf of a Mines community member who falls in one of the four categories above

If any of the above apply, please let Mines know using the new Mines Community Member COVID-19 Reporting Tool so rapid interventions can be taken to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 on campus. Reports are received by the Mines COVID-19 Response Initiation Team (CRIT) seven days a week between 7:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Reports received outside these hours will be addressed the following day.

CRIT will share the information you provide only with those with a legitimate public health need, including Jefferson County Public Health, so they may take appropriate actions as required by the State of Colorado. By filling out the form, you also agree to receive a follow-up call, text or email from a member of CRIT.

Graduate student town hall set for Tuesday—President Paul C. Johnson, Provost Rick Holz and Graduate Dean Tim Barbari will host a town hall on Tuesday, July 28, at 4 p.m. for new and returning graduate students at Mines. President Johnson, Barbari and others will spend the first part of the event offering updates on fall preparations, course delivery modes and more. The second half will be dedicated to answering student questions submitted during the event. You can register using this link.

Second undergraduate town hall is Monday—Mines’ academic and student life leaders, along with President Johnson, will also hold a second town hall for undergraduate students on Monday, July 27, at 4 p.m. Register here.

Need to log into a remote class on campus this fall? Students will have a list of (socially distanced) options—One of the top questions we’ve received from students in recent weeks is whether there will be spaces on campus for off-campus residents to take remote classes that meet between their in-person courses. The Return to Mines Task Force is putting the final touches on a list of designated locations around campus that will be available on a first-come, first-served basis for any Mines student in need of a socially distanced study spot with a strong WiFi connection. Many of these spaces will be classrooms that are not being used this coming semester due to their smaller size and limited capacity under the COVID-19 distancing requirements.

We’ll share a link to the full list in a future Mines Climbs Together and expect to see signs around campus come August 24 to help you find the nearest open study space. Students living on campus will be asked to utilize their housing space for remote classes and inclement weather shelter to allow other spaces around campus to be used by commuter students.

If my office has a window, should I open it? COVID HVAC Team answers FAQ about indoor air quality on campus—Mines Facilities Management is following guidelines developed by ASHRAE for the operation of HVAC systems in a pandemic environment, including increasing outside air to 100 percent or the highest level possible and operating HVAC systems for extended hours to maximize the effect of ventilation and air treatment.

And to answer the earlier question: Yes, opening your window will allow outdoor air to enter your office, thus improving ventilation. Some offices and dorms around campus can do that, and you can certainly do this. However, we just ask that you close your window when you leave your office/dorm. Leaving a window open unattended can let rain/snow get inside and in winter produce cold drafts or even freeze some pipes, which can cause major problems.

Get answers to more frequently asked questions about HVAC operational changes, the ASHRAE guidelines and more on the Returning to Mines website.

Online ordering and delivery will be available at select on-campus dining locations this fall—Order ahead from your favorite on-campus restaurants this fall with Grubhub. Skip the line with preorder/prepay and select pickup or delivery from select on-campus dining locations. Students will be able to connect their Blastercard if they have a meal plan, or payment via credit card will be accepted. Sodexo will be adding pickup signage at all retail locations to ease the flow within campus dining.

How to sign up for campus dining with Grubhub:

  1. Download the Grubhub app and sign up.
  1. Go to My Grubhub > Settings > Campus Dining.
  1. Search “Colorado School of Mines,” or use your geolocation.
  1. Browse the restaurants on campus to see which locations are participating in order ahead or delivery. Ordering will be available starting this fall.

REMINDER: Campus safety plans are due Wednesday, July 29 – All academic and administrative departments are required to complete a department-level safety plan for returning employees to campus and the July 29 deadline for those plans is quickly approaching. Department heads should review the Building Reopening Guide and then submit their safety plan using this form on the EHS website. The building reopening guide includes guidance that is intended to help departments consistently and safely outline their activities and plans for returning employees to campus.

Once submitted, Return to Campus safety plans will go to a review panel to evaluate the completeness of each plan and offer refinements and assistance, as necessary. All adjustments/changes to your spaces must be in place by no later than Monday, Aug. 17. Contact with questions.

Your questions about common exams, senior design and more—answered

Student (and parent) questions were sent our way this week via our Mines Climbs Together web form and at the undergraduate town hall. We’ve answered the questions below and will update the online FAQ as additional answers are received.

Q: Will there still be class attendance policies in place, even though we’re required to stay home whenever sick?

A: Students and faculty will be required to stay home whenever sick or exhibiting symptoms. Students will not be penalized for missing classes due to illness.

Q: What’s the deadline for students to decide if they’ll be taking only remote classes?
A: We ask that all students make their decision on remote learning by no later than Monday, August 31. Once you have chosen your mode of delivery, we recommend that you stay in that mode for the rest of the semester. After August 31, you will not be allowed to switch.

Q: How will hybrid courses be delivered? Can I choose which days I appear in-person?
A: Logistics of hybrid courses will vary from course to course. Faculty will be providing you with details and expected days of attendance. You will need to follow the instructions provided by faculty on when you can appear in person.

Q: I would like to take as many in-person classes as possible. How do I go about changing my schedule?
A: Continuing students can search for courses they are interested in and look at the modality to see if it matches their preference. Instructions to do this are provided here. You can register for these classes like you would during regular registration time. We do recommend speaking with your advisors before making changes to your schedule.

Q: Will students be able to re-register if we want more (or fewer) in-person courses?
A: At this time, we are focused on helping students who want or need remote courses access those options. Students may be able to re-register depending on seat availability. If a seat is available, students can re-register or switch sections to fit their needs.

Q: How will common exams work for students who are taking classes remotely?
A: Faculty will outline requirements for students to complete a course (including all exams and assessments) with 100 percent remote participation available for almost any course (the exceptions will include the courses on the list that comes out on July 27). These requirements may include using remote proctoring software, webcams, etc.

Q: Will the testing center be open and available for exams?
A: The testing center will be open but at reduced capacity.

Q: How will senior design be handled this fall? Is there a remote option?
A: EDNS 491 and 492 for CEE, ME, EE and General Engineering are identified as hybrid. However, we can accommodate students who do not want to be on campus.

Q: With first-year students getting parking passes, will I be able to find a spot this fall?

A: All pass holders should be able to reliably find parking on campus. Mines will open two new parking decks this fall (near Arthur Lakes Library and at 1750 Jackson). This brings more parking to campus at a time when some in our community will continue working remotely or be on staggered work schedules.

Q: How will Career Day be handled this fall?
A: At the request of employers, and in keeping with state restrictions on gatherings, Mines will not hold an in-person Career Day this fall. Instead, we will hold an entirely virtual event over three days that will continue to include one-on-one interviews and meetings with hundreds of recruiters and companies. Workshops to prepare for the virtual Career Day event will be held during the two weeks before the events.