Mines DI&A wants to thank you for being remarkable representatives of the Mines community and for treating others with the respect, empathy and regard we all deserve. Everyone has different needs, family or home situations and access to critical resources. If behaviors you experience or observe do not align with DI&A at Mines, we are here to support you collectively and individually. Faculty and staff, we emphasize leniency and understanding of your students and colleagues during this time. Students, reach out to faculty and your support networks for help when you need it, regardless of the issue. At Mines, we’re here to support you in any way we can during this time of particularly high uncertainty and stress.

DI&A will advocate for you. For direct support related to equity, access or inclusion, speak to DI&A staff on Microsoft Teams. Visit the DI&A at Mines website for resources to support inclusion and access during COVID-19.