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Anne Silverman, associate professor of Mechanical Engineering at Mines, is one of five co-principal investigators for the new Integrative Movement Sciences Institute, announced earlier this week as part of NSF’s Biology Integration Institutes program. Learn more here.

Amanda Jameer, teaching assistant professor of Chemistry, has been awarded the Dean’s Fellowship.  Dr. Jameer’s project will focus on designing an Honors Principles of Chemistry 1 course that will provide students with a unique and challenging experience where the foundation of learning is based on metacognitive strategies and equitable practices. Such practices are essential to ensure that students with diverse backgrounds can fairly participate in this course while validating their identities as future STEM professionals. Design of this course will expand on the following best practices for promoting inclusive student learning: Low-stakes exploration of new and challenging concepts; in-class activities and quizzes to assess learning early and frequently; pre- and post- assessment of lecture material; student-interest driven research projects; and incorporation of scientific achievements and accomplishments from underrepresented groups into lecture and lab.

Leslie Lamberson, associate professor of Mechanical Engineering, has been awarded the Dean’s Fellowship.  Dr. Lamberson’s project will create the ENTRANCE initiative (ENhancing indusTRy ties ANd business aCumEn) for the student experience.  The plan is to pilot formalized industry panels and campus events to introduce entrepreneurial, business management and finance strategies to interested students and community members.  The ENTRANCE initiative provides a tangible, competitive edge for STEM students in the job market, offering exposure to people and topics that add significant value to their education, potential employers, and influence organizations. This will allow Mines to expand our offerings, diversify our delivery of education to our students, strengthen our connection to industry, as well as fuel more holistic innovation and entrepreneurial engagement, as highlighted in the Mines@150 strategic plan.

On September 24, Dean John Berger visited the Boom Supersonic facility in Centennial, Colorado. Boom is developing the Overture supersonic passenger jet which will be able to take passengers from New York to London in 3.5 hours at business class rates.



  • Congratulations to the Computer Science department for their efforts, programs, and initiatives creating a welcoming and inclusive campus community for all Orediggers within and outside the classroom.  ∗Best in Recruitment & Retention: Computer Science
  • Congratulations to Zhan Han, post-doctoral fellow in Computer Science, for their innovation and commitment to diversity, inclusion, and access at Mines.  ∗ Creating a Culture of Inclusion-Faculty Award


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