Brand Guidelines

Every Oredigger Brand Guidelines

How can my club, organization, department or unit get involved?

Host a special event or activity around one (or more) of the dimensions of wellbeing! Launch a partnership or initiative that brings together different groups on campus in the name of personal and collective wellness!

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Every Oredigger Brand Guidelines

What is Every Oredigger?

Every Oredigger is a comprehensive campus-wide initiative to encourage wellbeing— in all its dimensions — among all members ofthe Colorado School of Mines community, students, faculty and staff. 

Every Oredigger logo

A few questions to get you started

Does your event/activity/initiative addressone of the seven dimensions of wellness? (YES | NO)

Is your event/initiative open to:

  • All Mines students (YES | NO)
  • All Mines employees (YES | NO)
  • All of the Mines community (YES | NO)

If you answer yes to both questions, read on! All Every Oredigger events/initiatives must be open to the campus community (all students, all employees or all of campus, no closed events permitted) and focused on one (or more) of the dimensions of wellbeing.

And while many of the resources listed on OUR website are part of normal campus operations (Mines Counseling Center, Mines Fitness, etc.) Every Oredigger encourages our campus partners to think big about wellbeing and develop new ways and new partnerships to empower and equip our students, faculty and staff to be the best versions of themselves.

More importantly, by using the Every Oredigger logo, you agree to create a caring, inclusive space that brings together Orediggers of all backgrounds in pursuit of wellbeing.

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Every Oredigger Logos

How to use the Every Oredigger stacked and horizontal marks

All materials produced at Mines should include a 1-color Mines signature logo, using the Mines color palette.

It is encouraged that student organizations, offices, units and departments who are hosting events or initiatives related to Every Oredigger use the Every Oredigger logo as well.

Every Oredigger Horizontal Logo
Every Oredigger Stacked Logo
icon representing physical wellness
icon representing emotional wellness
icon representing social welness
Environmental wellness
icon representing intellectual wellness
icon representing spiritual wellness
icon representing physical wellness

Every Oredigger

Every Oredigger Logo