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Steering Committee

  • Aidan Borgo: Wellness Chair, Undergraduate Student Government
  • Ayla Engelhart: Director of Student Outreach and Support (SOS)
  • Emma Griffis: Director of Student Wellness Promotions
  • Derek Morgan: Dean of Students
  • Emilie Rusch: Director of Communications
  • Sandra Sims: Director of Mines Counseling Center
  • Mary Snyders: Senior Associate Director of Major Gifts, Mines Foundation
  • Erika Stone: Recruitment Specialist, Human Resources
  • Rob Thompson: Assistant Athletic Director & Director of Rec Sports

Working Committees

Marketing & Communications

Chair: Emilie Rusch, Director of Communications

Activities & Programs

Chair: Rob Thompson, Director of Rec Sports

Policy & Procedure

Chair: Ayla Engelhart, Director of Student Outreach & Support (SOS)

Services & Facilities

Emma Griffis, Director of Student Wellness Promotion
Sandra Sims, Director of the Mines Counseling Center


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