Stress Less Decision Cube

Feeling stressed? Here are five simple – and science-backed – things you can do to combat stress and anxiety in the time you might otherwise spend scrolling through your social media feeds.

Power Nap

Twenty minutes is the sweet spot but even six minutes of sleep in the middle of the day has been shown to improve declarative memory performance — AKA your ability to recall facts and knowledge.

Text a Friend

Good friends are like a human stress buffer – multiple studies have shown that individuals with a strong social support network are more resilient to the negative effects of stress.

5-Minute Walk

You can get a runner’s high without having to run. Any type of aerobic exercise can help reduce stress hormone levels and release some awesome happiness-boosting endorphins.

Watch a Funny Video

No joke, laughter really is the best medicine — research shows that watching humorous videos can help relieve self-reported stress.

Three Deep Breaths

Deep abdominal breathing helps slow your heart rate and stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, the part of your body that tells your stress response to TAKE A BREAK ALREADY.