Committees and Councils

Faculty Senate Standing Committees

Academic Standards Committee

The committee will hear and decide student appeals on grades and respond to referrals from the Undergraduate Council regarding academic standards.

Debra CarneyChair, Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Michael Barankin – Chemical and Biological Engineering

Leslie Lamberson – Mechanical Engineering

Susan Reynolds – Civil and Environmental Engineering

Stephen Geer – Mechanical Engineering

Paul Santi – Geology and Geological Engineering

Jeff Wheeler – Mehcanical Engineering

Colorado Faculty Advisory Council (CFAC) Representative

The CFAC representative shall be appointed by the Senate.


Core Curriculum Committee

Vibhuti DaveCo-Chair, Academic Affairs

Joe HoranCo-Chair, Faculty Senate; Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

Pat KohlFaculty Senate, Physics

Iris Bahar – Computer Science

Scott Houser – Economics and Business

Yosef Allam – Engineering, Design, and Society

Mike Nicholas – Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Alexis Sitchler – Geology and Geological Engineering

Kristy Csavina – Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Toni Lefton – University Honors

Mark Jensen – Chemistry

Colin Terry – Student Life

Distinguished Lecturer Committee

To nominate potential Faculty Senate Distinguished Lecturers; and to assist the Lecturer with preparations, as required.

John Speer – Chair, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Carolyn Koh – Chemical and Biological Engineering

Roelof Snieder – Geophysics

Executive Committee of the Senate

To serve as a channel of communication between the Senate and the administration.

Jeffrey C. KingPresident of the Faculty Senate, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Cristian CiobanuSecretary of the Faculty Senate; Mechanical Engineering

Brandon DuganUndergraduate Council Chair; Geophysics (sabbatical for Spring 2023)

Joseph Horan – Undergraduate Council Chair; Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

Bettina M. VoelkerGraduate Council Chair; Chemistry

Sid SalehResearch Council Chair; Engineering, Design, and Society

Faculty Oversight Committee on Sports and Athletics

The committee shall represent the faculty in providing academic oversight of intercollegiate athletics and other institutional sports programs in order to evaluate their contribution to the educational mission of the School and to the quality of student life. The committee shall report to the Senate and make recommendations when necessary.

Brian TrewynChair, Chemistry

Joel Bach – Mechanical Engineering

Chris Bellona – Civil and Environmental Engineering

Paula Farca – Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences

Alan Sellinger – Chemistry

Leslie Wood – Geology and Geological Engineering

Peter Aaen – Electrical Engineering

Cristian Ciobanu – Mechanical Engineering

Faculty Survey Committee

The committee will work with administration and on-campus resources (e.g., Trefny Innovative Instruction Center) to administer faculty surveys, compile data, and report results.

Ebru Bozdag – Chair, Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Tessa Sorensen – Petroleum Engineering

Xiaoli Zhang – Mechanical Engineering

Christian Beren – Chemistry

Faculty Athletic Representative (FAR) to the Athletic Board

The Faculty Athletics Representative shall be appointed by the Senate, as in Appendix B.3. An individual so designated shall be a member of the faculty and shall not hold an administrative or coaching position in the athletics department or in other institutional sports programs. The Faculty Athletics Representative shall be responsible for certifying student athlete eligibility for participation in intercollegiate athletics. The Faculty Athletics Representative shall be an ex officio member and Chair of the Faculty Oversight Committee on Sports and Athletics. Term is for three years without restriction as to reappointment.

Brian Trewyn – Chemistry

Leadership Nomination Committee

(1) To recommend to the Senate new committees and changes in of existing committees; (2) to review annually Senate committees and their membership and to recommend changes to the Senate; (3) to act as a nominating committee as directed by the President of the Senate; (4) to conduct elections as called for by these bylaws or by the Senate; and (5) to recommend to the Senate for nomination to the President of the School, faculty for membership on standing committees of the University.

Cristian Ciobanu – Mechanical Engineering

Library Committee

(1) To serve as a channel of communication between faculty, students, and the Library. (2) To serve as an advisory body on matters relating to the development of Library resources and services, policies and procedures relating to the operations and facilities of the Library, and the allocation of Library funds. (3) To report on and advocate for the needs of the Library and the impact of Library services to the Mines academic community. The committee shall report regularly to the Senate, making recommendations as appropriate.

Brandon Dugan – Chair, Geophysics

Tessa Sorensen – Petroleum Engineering

Tzahi Cath – Civil and Environmental Engineering

Paula Farca – Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

Carol Smith – University Librarian

GSG Representative

USG Representative

Online Standards Committee

The duties of the Committee are (1) To provide faculty input, review, and recommendations related to online courses developed at Mines. This includes reviewing proposed online courses following the Online Course Standards. (2) To make critical contributions to policies and procedures related to online education and course structure by maintaining the Online Course Standards document. (3) To provide input, upon request, on questions and topics raised by the Trefny Center and Mines Online Office. 

Ventzi KaraivanovChair, Mechanical Engineering

Adam Duran – Mechanical Engineering

Rebeca Swanson – Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Brianna Buljung – Library

Gabe Walton – Geology and Geological Engineering

Tolga Can – Computer Science

Soutir Bandyopadhyay – Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Tony Petrella – Mechanical Engineering, Director of ME Online Programs

Oyvind Nilsen – Mechanical Engineering

Kevin Cannon – Geology and Geological Engineering

Terry Bridgman – Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Readmissions Committee

(1) To act for the Academic Faculty on applications for readmission from students who have been suspended for scholastic reasons; (2) consider appeals from students who have been suspended or dismissed for scholastic reasons; and (3) consider cases involving scholastic standing referred to it by the Associate Vice President of Student Life

Cristian CiobanuFaculty Senate, Mechanical Engineering

Jonathan Miorelli – Chemistry

Luis Tenorio – Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Svitlana Pylypenko – Chemistry

Kelly Rickey – Mechanical Engineering

Jennifer Strong – Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Scott Strong – Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Jeffrey Holley – Civil and Environmental Engineering

Amanda Jameer – Chemistry

Becky LaFrancois – Economics and Business

Interested in serving on a Faculty Senate Committee? The following committees have vacancies for eligible volunteers:

Standing Committees

  • Academic Standards
  • Colorado Faculty Advisory Council (CFAC) Representative
  • Faculty Oversight Committee on Sports and Athletics (FOCSA)
  • Faculty Survey Committee
  • Library Committee
  • Readmissions Committee

    Faculty Senate Councils

    Undergraduate Council

    Ventzi Karaivanov – Chair

    Spring Odd Year Elections

    Zibo Wang – Computer Science

    Jack Bringardner – Engineering, Design, & Society

    Chelsea Salinas – Engineering, Design, & Society

    Kevin Cannon – Geology and Geological Engineering

    Jay Straker – Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

    Brianna Buljung – Library

    Jeff Wheeler – Mechanical Engineering

    Gerald Bourne – Metallurgic and Materials Engineering

    Rennie Kaunda – Mining Engineering

    Linda Battalora – Petroleum Engineering

    Chuck Stone – Physics

    Spring Even Year Elections

    Mike Nicholas – Applied Mathematics and Statistics

    Michael Barankin – Chemical and Biological Engineering

    Dylan Domaille – Chemistry

    Hongyan Liu – Civil and Environmental Engineering

    Andrew Pederson – Economics and Business

    Ge Jin – Geophysics

    Hisham Sager – Electrical Engineering

    Annual Elections

    Mark Bowen – Undergraduate Student Government Representative

    Graduate Council

    Soutir Bandyopadhyay – Chair

    Spring Odd Year Elections

    Nikki Farnsworth – Chemical and Biological Engineering

    Bettina Voelker – Chemistry

    Lori Tunstall– Civil & Enviromental Engineering

    Jared Carbone – Economics & Business

    Yamuna Phal – Electrical Engineering

    Juan Lucena – Engineering, Design, & Society

    Jim Ranville – Geochemistry

    Ryan Venturelli – Geology and Geological Engineering

    Yaoguo Li – Geophysics

    Adrianne C. Kroepsch – Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

    Adrienne Marshall – Hydrologic Science and Engineering

    Danielle Ostendorf – Library

    Suveen Mathaudu – Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

    Jaeheon Lee – Mining Engineering

    Andy Osborne – Nuclear Engineering

    Pejman Tahmasebi – Petroleum Engineering

    Spring Even Year Elections

    Dong Chen – Computer Science

    Owen Hildreth – Mechanical Engineering

    Gabriel Walton – Underground Construction and Tunneling

    Samy Wu Fung – Applied Mathematics and Statistics

    Uwe Greife – Physics

    Annual Elections

    Rena Zhu – Graduate Student Government Representative

    Research Council

    Mark Eberhart – Chair

    Spring Odd Year Elections

    Diego Gomez Gauldron – Chemical and Biological Engineering

    Annalise Maughan – Chemistry

    John Spear – Civil and Environmental Engineering

    Joice Hu – Economics & Business

    Michael Wakin – Electrical Engineering

    Elizabeth Reddy – Engineering, Design and Society

    Yvette Kuiper – Geology and Geological Engineering

    James Simmons – Geophysics

    Hussein Amery – Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

    Seth Vuletich – Library

    Eric Toberer – Materials Science, Physics

    Andrew Petruska – Mechanical Engineering

    Emmanuel De Moor – Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

    Elizabeth Holley – Mining Engineering

    Mark Deinert – Nuclear Science and Engineering

    Erdal Ozkan – Petroleum Engineering

    Eric Toberer – Physics

    Kenneth “Xerxes” Steirer – Physics

    Spring Even Year Elections

    Stephen Pankavich – Applied Mathematics and Statistics

    Zhexuan Gong – Physics

    Annual Elections

    TBD – Graduate Student Government Representative (GSG)

    Carson Snow – Undergraduate Student Government Representative (USG)

    Non-voting members

    Barb O’Kane – Director for Environmental Health & Safety (EHS)

    Lisa Kinzel – Director of Research Development; Research and Technology Transfer

    University Committee Faculty Representatives

    Article II.B.5 states “The Senate shall vote to approve the appointments of all persons who represent the
    Academic Faculty on institutional committees and councils.”

    Assessment Committee

    Joe Horan, ex-officio, Faculty Senate Representative

    Faculty Representatives

    Scott Strong, Applied Mathematics & Statistics

    Rachel Morrish, Chemical & Biological Engineering

    Alexandra Wayllace, Civil & Environmental Engineering

    Tom Gennett, Chemistry

    Rob Thompson, Computer Science

    Chelsea Salinas, Engineering, Design & Society

    Abd Arkadan, Electrical Engineering

    Gabriel Walton, Geological Engineering

    Ilya Tsvankin, Geophysics

    Cortney Holles, Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences

    Kristy Csavina, Mechanical Engineering

    Jamal Rostami, Mining Engineering

    Gerald Bourne, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

    Linda Battalora, Petroleum Engineering

    Vince Kuo, Physics

    Biosafety Committee

    Tom Gennett, Chemistry

    Christian Beren, Chemistry

    Nikki Farnsworth, Chemical & Biological Engineering

    Budget Committee

    Yaoguo Li, Geophysics

    Calendar Committee

    Samuel Araujo, Computer Science

    Justin Shaffer, Physics

    Scott Houser, Economics and Business

    Conflict of Interest Committee

    Jennifer Ryan, Applied Mathematics & Statistics

    Xiaoli Zhang, Mechanical Engineering

    Faculty Grievance Committee

    Jason Ganley, Chemical and Biological Engineering

    Ray Zhang, Mechanical Engineering

    Terry Bridgeman, Applied Mathematics and Statistics

    Faculty Handbook Committee

    Amelia Read, Computer Science

    Ilya Tsvankin, Geophysics

    Mark Eberhart, Chemistry

    Paul Martin, Applied Mathematics & Statistics

    Promotion and Tenure Committee

    Greg Jackson, Mechanical Engineering

    Jessica Smith, Engineering, Design and Society

    Piret Plink-Bjorklund, Geology

    Qi Han, Computer Science

    Sumit Agarwal, Chemical & Biological Engineering

    Research Advisory Board

    Ahmadreza Hedayat, Civil & Environmental Engineering

    Alan Sellinger, Chemistry

    Alexis Sitchler, Geology & Geological Engineering

    Carolyn Koh, Chemical & Biological Engineering

    Cecilia Diniz Behn, Applied Mathematics & Statistic

    Corinne Packard, Metallurgical & Materials Engineering

    Iris Bahar, Computer Science

    Jeramy Zimmerman, Physics

    Jessica Smith, Engineering, Design & Society

    Mohsen Asle Zaeem, Mechanical Engineering

    Sandra Woodson, Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

    Sebnem Duzgun, Mining Engineering

    Steven Smith, Economics & Business

    Tyrone Vincent, Electrical Engineering

    Yaoguo Li, Geophysics

    Yu-Shu Wu, Petroleum Engineering

    Safety Committee

    Ryan Richards, Chemistry

    Timothy Strathmann, Civil and Environmental Engineering

    Student Conduct appeals Committee

    Jonathan Miorelli, Chemistry

    Joseph Crocker, Civil and Environmental Engineering

    Student Media Board

    Eliza Buhrer, Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences

    Scott Strong, Applied Mathematics and Statistics

    Teaching Faculty Promotion Committee

    Alina Handorean, Engineering, Design & Society

    Jeff Paone, Computer Science

    Kristine Callan, Physics

    Kristy Csavina, Mechanical Engineering

    Technology Fee Committee

    Meenakshi Singh, Physics

    Oyvind Nilsen, Mechanical Engineering