Global Energy Future Initiative Roundtable

Colorado School of Mines is excited to present a unique opportunity to become part of the Global Energy Future Initiative (GEFI) Roundtable. The Roundtable provides an opportunity for members to be involved in energy policy events and to meet with industry leaders who shape the energy world today. Individuals, corporations, and other organizations who would benefit could be those already deeply involved in these conversations or those new to the energy future topic.

All Roundtable members receive recognition in invitations, event programs, publications, and program websites.


• Access to annual GEFI Meeting
• Invitation to exclusive events with Payne Institute speakers and program participants
• Reserved seating at Payne Institute events
• Invitation to annual Roundtable Dinner
• Payne Institute Annual Report

For more information about joining the Mines Global Energy Future Initiative at the Colorado School of Mines, please contact our Deputy Director, Gregory Clough, at