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What is the timeline for Program Development?

New faculty-led program proposals generally require at least 12 months of planning. Mines faculty interested in developing a new study abroad program should consult with the appropriate department chair and contact the Education Abroad office.

*Note – Short-term and winterim trips have a more flexible timeline, IF you are not requesting any marketing support from the Office of Education Abroad, and have an established relationship with a program provider or travel agent.

12-16 months prior to departure: Faculty meet with Office of Education Abroad to discuss options for providers/locations

9-12 months prior to departure: Faculty create a program proposal and choose the course, location, support (provider, host university, or travel agency) cost breakdown, and dates. Secure a program provider, if needed.

7-9 months prior to departure: Faculty communicate any course parameters (GPA, pre-reqs needed, any required information they want to gather from students during the application process), and work with program providers to determine program costs. After this is finalized, the Office of Education Abroad creates/updates a program application page and any marketing materials (flyers, handouts, etc., digital marketing etc.). Please allow up to 4 weeks for marketing material creation.   

November (for summer programs): Study Abroad Applications open. Winter and Spring Break have more flexible application timelines.    

One semester prior to departure: Faculty are encouraged to coordinate with the Office of Education Abroad to host information sessions for interested students, and to participate in the Study Abroad Fair (usually held in the Fall semester)

March (for summer): Study Abroad Applications close, and program viability is determined. Winter and Spring Break have more flexible application timelines, and applications can close earlier if a maximum number of students is reached.

After the application closes: students will be informed of payment details, payment deadlines, and how to book travel. Program viability is decided. 

Approximately 1-4 weeks prior to departure: Faculty collaborate with the Office of Education Abroad, and program provider (if applicable) to host a required pre-departure orientation

Faculty Responsibility Statement – Coming Soon!

View this Division of Responsibilities for an overview of the division of responsibilities between faculty, education abroad, and students. Collaborating and advance planning will help your program be successful! 


Mines Education Abroad is committed to helping faculty develop programs that are rewarding for both faculty and students. If you have an idea for a program, you can submit a Program Proposal. 

Coming soon!

“Teaching abroad in Paris brought new life to a thermo course I had taught on the Mines campus over a dozen times. I had fun mixing French history and culture in with the technical content and even took a field trip to a museum. The small class size afforded rich interactions with each student including coffee breaks and lunches outside of class. I came back to the U.S. reenergized and counting down the days until I could go back abroad to teach.”

– Professor Rachel Morrish, Thermodynamics in Paris



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