Take the Next Step with an Advanced Degree

With a focus on responsible stewardship of the Earth, Colorado School of Mines places particular emphasis on fields related to the discovery, production and utilization of resources needed to improve the quality of life of the world’s inhabitants and to sustain the earth system upon which all life and development depend. Mines is devoted to creating an engineering- and technology-focused learning community that provides students with perspectives informed by business, entrepreneurship, the humanities and social science—perspectives that also enhance students’ understanding of themselves and their role in contemporary society.

Master’s Degrees

The master’s degree adds specialized knowledge to a student’s baccalaureate degree or expands it through the study of a different discipline or specialization. Master’s degrees are desirable for the added knowledge, focus and overall professional development experience that they afford. Many students seek a master’s degree to take the next step in their career, to branch out in new areas or as a step on the path to a PhD.

At Mines, master’s graduates contribute to the advancement of their chosen professions and disciplines through adopting, applying and evaluating state-of-the-art practices. Their expertise is sought by organizations and recognized as technologically advanced and abreast of the latest scholarship.

Professional Master’s Programs

Mines awards specialized, career-oriented non-thesis master’s degrees. These are custom-designed, interdisciplinary degrees, each with a curriculum meeting the career advancement needs of a particular group of professionals in a field that is part of Mines role and mission.

Master of Science and Master of Engineering Programs

Graduate study at Mines can lead to one of a number of thesis- and non-thesis-based master’s degrees, depending on the interests of the student. All master’s degree programs share the same academic requirements for grades, definition of minor programs and the need to apply for admission to candidacy.

Master’s Along the Way

PhD students who have been admitted into a degree program may add, with departmental approval, a master’s degree with the exact same degree title.

Combined Undergraduate/Graduate Programs

Several degree programs offer Mines’ undergraduate students the opportunity to begin work on a graduate degree while completing the requirements of their bachelor’s degree. These programs can give students a head start on graduate education.

Doctoral Degrees

Doctoral graduates advance their disciplines by integrating and building on existing knowledge while creating new knowledge through their PhD program. Through the PhD, students conduct independent research that addresses relevant disciplinary issues and share the results and impact of that work with peers, decision makers and the general public.

At Mines, our PhD graduates are scholars and international leaders who exhibit the highest standards of integrity and leave prepared to advance their professions and assume leadership positions in industry, government and academia.

We seek students who demonstrate intellectual curiosity, intellectual integrity, the ability to think critically, argue persuasively and have a passion for life-long learning.