Graduate School at Mines

Graduate School at Mines

Welcome From the Office of Graduate Studies

Your graduate program at Mines will be a rewarding and multifaceted experience, with input from many academic and professional sources. While specific guidance is provided by each department, program and faculty advisor, the Office of Graduate Studies works across campus to interpret and uphold the shared policies found in Mines’ graduate catalog. We provide consistent support and community for all graduate students—regardless of degree type, program or department. We look forward to serving as a partner in your graduate journey as you explore the information and resources below.


Office of Graduate Studies

Alderson 451


Center for Professional Development Education

Providing valuable skill-building courses and training sessions to help
prepare graduates for a smooth transition into the workforce and world of research.

 Graduate School Outcomes


Positive outcomes for MS graduates, 2020-21


Positive outcomes for PhD graduates, 2020-21

Organizations hired or recruited at Mines

Research at Mines

The collective talent of our faculty and students, combined with a culture of use-inspired
and transdisciplinary research, are at the core of Mines’ success and enable. a host of
strong alliances with industry, other universities and government institutions.