2022-2023 - Combined Programs - Undergraduate Courses Versus Graduate Courses

Combined Students – BS/MS or BS/PHD

When students are admitted into a combined program (BS/MS or BS/PHD), the 400/500 level courses may be used in several ways. Click on each section below for details and limits:

A. Undergraduate credit Only
  • 400 or 500-level courses can be used to fulfill undergraduate requirements (core, technical electives, electives)
  • Students need to fill out a 500-level form to register for 500-level courses.
  • Courses will appear on undergraduate transcript (UG).
  • Course grades will count toward undergraduate GPA.
  • Undergrad financial aid will not be affected.
B. Double Counted
  • 6 credits maximum of 400/500 level courses may be double counted and applied to both the undergraduate degree and the graduate degree.
  • This is allowed only if students are officially admitted into a combined BS/MS or BS/PHD program.***
  • The 6 double counted credits may have been taken prior to the admit term to the grad degree.
  • The academic department/program must approve the double counted credits.
  • Some degree programs only allow students to double count 500 level courses (not 400 level). See Graduate Catalog for specific degree program details.
  • Grades for double counted credits must be a B- or above. Some degree programs have stricter grade requirement. See Graduate Catalog for specific degree program details.
  • Double counted courses remain on undergraduate transcript (UG).
  • Grades count towards the undergraduate GPA.
  • Double counted courses are eligible for undergraduate financial aid, including Colorado Opportunity Fund (COF).

***Reminder: To be admitted into a combined program

  • At least one term of overlap is required in the undergrad/grad degrees.
  • Students must apply for grad degree at least one term before their expected BS graduation date.
  • Application Deadlines for combined undergrad/grad programs are the same as for the regular grad programs: https://www.mines.edu/graduate-admissions/deadlines/
  • Example: A student plans to complete their BS in Spring 2023. They must apply for the combined BS/MS or BS/PHD program by the appropriate application deadline for the graduate program for Spring 2023 admission so they can be concurrently enrolled in the undergrad and grad degrees in Spring 2023.
C. Graduate Credit Only

Courses taken only to be applied for grad degree cannot be used to fulfill any undergraduate degree requirements.


  • 9 credits maximum of 400-level courses can be applied to a graduate degree. This limit includes double counted credits, courses taken while an undergrad student that were not used to award the BS, and credits taken while a grad student. No more than 9 credits of 400-level courses can be listed on the MS/PHD Degree Audit form.

500-Level or Above:

  • Unlimited 500-level credits may be applied to the graduate degree as long as they were not used to award BS.

Courses Taken Prior to Grad Degree Admit Term:

  • May still be applied towards the graduate degree.
  • Courses will remain on undergraduate transcript
  • Grades will only count toward undergraduate GPA.

Courses Taken During or After Grad Degree Admit Term but Prior to Award of BS:

  • Will remain on undergraduate transcript by default.  
  • Grades count toward undergraduate GPA by default.
  • Students may petition the Registrar’s Office by email before Census Day of each term if they want these courses moved to the graduate transcript with grades counting toward graduate GPA.***

Students on Financial Aid:

  • Students receiving financial aid must consult with the Financial Aid office prior to petitioning to change a 400 level or 500 level course from UG to GR.
  • Changing courses from UG to GR may decrease a student’s eligibility for undergraduate financial aid.
  • Students must typically be enrolled as full-time undergraduate (12 credits) to receive full undergraduate financial aid.
  • Students may not petition to change a course from UG to GR after Census day of each semester.
  • If my graduate admit term is Spring 2023 and I receive my BS at Mines in Fall 2022, can I double count 6 credits of 400/500 courses from my BS toward my MS?
    No, students need at least 1 semester of concurrent enrollment in both the undergrad and grad degree to be able to double-count credits! Continuous registration is not enough in this case.
  • If  my graduate admit term is Spring 2023 and I will receive my BS degree in Spring 2023 or later, can I double-count 6 credits for both degrees?
    Yes! When your admit term for the MS overlaps with at least one term of your BS, you are fully enrolled in the Combined program and can double-count courses with advisor/program approval.
  • Can I get a BS and MS in the same term?
    Yes, if you a) are enrolled in both degrees for at least 1 semester, b) follow the guidelines described above, and c) complete all requirements for both degrees.
  • Will I lose financial aid if I take graduate courses as an undergrad?
    It depends! Each student must consult with the Financial Aid office individually before making these decisions. The effects on your financial aid will depend on how your courses will be used, as described in the sections above.
  • Do I have to have all my grad level courses listed on a separate graduate transcript if I’m in a Combined program?
    Combined program students will have an undergraduate transcript and a graduate transcript, but what really matters for confirming your completion of a graduate degree is the Degree Audit form (MS or PhD depending on your program). On this, you will list all the courses you took for that degree. Some of these may be approved 400/500 level courses that appear on your undergraduate transcript. Others will be courses you took for graduate credit only; those will appear on a graduate transcript if petitioned to be changed from UG to GR by census day of the term the course was taken.
  • Do I need to ask the Registrar’s office to transfer (move) some of my Mines undergrad courses to my graduate transcript?
    See answer above. If you were/are a Mines undergrad and are a Mines Combined Program student, you will not need to formally “transfer” any courses among transcripts. However, depending on your situation, you may need to petition the Registrar’s Office to change the level of a 400/500 course from UG to GR at the start of a semester, if you want it to be listed on your graduate transcript. If you’re on financial aid, check with the Financial Aid office first as your eligibility may be affected.
  • How do I petition the Registrar’s office to change the level of a 400/500 course from UG to GR?
    Send an email describing your change request to registrar@mines.edu before the Census Day of the semester your course begins.  

Reminder: Coursework used towards a MINES graduate degree must:

  • Meet Graduate program requirements – See Graduate Catalog
  • Not exceed the limitations described in the sections above.
  • Must have a grade of at least C- or PRG (any courses that are double-counted must have a minimum grade of B-, unless otherwise noted in the Grad Catalog.)
  • Be approved by the graduate advisor and/or committee (if applicable)
  • Be listed on the Graduate Degree Audit form
  • Allow a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 for the Graduate Degree to be awarded.
For questions, contact Roxane Aungst at the Office of Graduate Studies.