All students supported at any time in their graduate career through the National Science Foundation (NSF), as research assistants, hourly employees or fellowship awardees, must complete training in the responsible conduct of research (RCR).

To satisfy the RCR requirement students must complete one of the following options:

  • SYGN502- Option available to all students
  • Chemical & Biological Engineering Option-Option available only to students in the Chemical Engineering program
  • Chemistry Program Option – Option available only to students in the Chemistry program
  • Physics Program Option – Option available only to students in the Physics program

For additional information on program-specific options, contact the program.

Students who wish to take a Responsible Conduct of Research course from any university other than CSM must get prior approval from the ethics board before taking the course. The approval documentation must be submitted with the Degree Audit form.

The NSF-RCR requirement must be completed prior to a candidate submitting the Degree Audit form and students and advisors must certify successful completion of the RCR requirement on the Degree Audit form. Students with NSF funding who do not complete this requirement will not be able to graduate.