Office of Graduate Studies Forms:

ubmit the following forms to the Office of Graduate Studies for processing.
Important Note:
Please include the form and all faculty approvals into a single document, and submit them to 

Committee/Advisor Forms
Thesis Committee and Advisor Assignment Request *
Thesis Committee Meeting Reporting Form (For Department Use)

Permanent/Temporary Leave Forms
Leave of Absence Request
Return from a Leave of Absence Request
Parental Leave of Absence
Withdrawal from Graduate School Request

Appeal Form
Dismissal Appeal Form

Registrar’s Office Forms:

ubmit the following Graduate Student forms to the Registrar’s Office for processing.
To access these forms, click

Degree Audit
♦ Addendum to Degree Audit
♦ Admission to Candidacy (PhD only)
♦ Degree Level/Program Change Request

♦ Request for a Graduate Catalog Change
♦ Withdrawal from a Program
♦ Master’s Along the Way
♦ Certificate Along the Way

Important Note: Please include the form and all faculty approvals in one email and then submit to 

Other Department(s) Forms:

Submit the following forms to the 
department indicated below.
Thesis Defense Scheduling Form
Thesis Defense Scheduling Request (Submit to your Academic Department)

Tuition and Fee Actions
Fee waiver Request (Submit to Bursar Office)
Military Tuition Classification (Submit to Registrar’s Office)