Request to Convert Research Credits to Independent Study

The request to convert research credits to independent study is only available to students that are dropping all thesis-based degrees. This may allow students to graduate with a non-thesis degree if their department approves conversion of research credits to independent study. A maximum of 6 credit hours is allowed for conversion. See form for additional details.

Following are the steps required to complete credit conversion:

  1. (For Student): Print and complete the Request to Convert Research Credits to Independent Study Credits form. Also submit the Degree Level Change Request Form and/or Withdrawal from Program form, if not already submitted. Submit all forms to the Registrar’s office.
  2. (For Student): Pick up Independent Study paperwork from Registrar’s Office. Complete paperwork and re-submit to Registrar’s Office. When the Registrar’s Office has processed the paperwork, you will see a 599 course with a “Z” grade on your transcripts in place of the research being converted.
  3.  (For Advisor): Advisor will need to assign a grade to the newly created independent study course by submitting a grade change form to the Registrar’s Office. Students are not allowed to handle grade change forms.
  4.  (For Student): Student must submit a Master’s-Non-Thesis Degree Audit form to the Registrar’s office and it must list the 599 course(s) instead of the research in section A.