Request to Convert Research Credits to Independent Study

The request to convert research credits to independent study is only available to students that are dropping all thesis-based degrees. This may allow students to graduate with a non-thesis degree if their department approves conversion of research credits to independent study. A maximum of 6 credit hours is allowed for conversion. See form for additional details.

Following are the steps required to complete credit conversion:

  1. (For Student)  Submit Request to Convert Research Credits to Independent Study form AND the Degree Level Change Request Form and/or Withdrawal from Program form, if not already submitted, to the Office of Graduate Studies. Once OGS approves these forms, an email will be sent to the Registrar’s Office, the student and the advisor notifying them of the approval.
  2. (For Student)  Pick up Independent Study paperwork from Registrar’s Office. Complete paperwork and re-submit to Registrar’s Office. When the Registrar’s Office has processed the paperwork, you will see a 599 course with a “Z” grade on your transcripts in place of the research being converted.
  3.  (For Advisor)   Advisor will need to assign a grade to the newly created independent study course by submitting a grade change form to the Registrar’s Office. Students are not allowed to handle grade change forms.
  4.  (For Student)  Student must submit a Master’s-Non-Thesis Degree Audit form to the Office of Graduate Studies and it must list the 599 course(s) instead of the research in section A.